AUTUMN JOURNAL by the same author THE EARTH COMPELS OUT OF THE PICTURE POEMS AUTUMN JOURNAL a poem by LOUIS MACNEICE Faber and . 8 quotes from Autumn Journal: ‘September has come, it is hersWhose vitality leaps in the autumn,Whose nature prefersTrees without leaves and a fire in. Written between August and December , Autumn Journal is still Louis MacNeice was born in Belfast in , the son of a Church of Ireland rector, later a.

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A world where the many would have their chance without. Of every tired aubade and maudlin madrigal. And the street-children play on the wet Pavement β€” hopscotch or marbles; And each rich family boasts a sagging tennis-net On a spongy lawn beside a dripping shrubbery. And then I think of the others and jealousy riots In impossible schemes To kill them with all the machinery of fact and with all the Tortures of dreams.

I will not bother Any more with proof; I see the future glinting with your presence Like moon on a slate roof, And my spirits rise again. Affections, carefully shunning the overstatement. It is the nature of 7 this poem to be neither final nor balanced. South as I go north. In those months MacNeice felt the international crisis in light of his personal crisis, and vice versa. I have already had friends Among things and hours and people But taking them one by one–odd hours and passing people; Now I must make amends And try to correlate event with instinct And me with you or you with you with all, No longer think of time as a waterfall Abstracted from a river.

The eyelid opening and the mind recalling. MacNeice was afflicted all his life with nightmares; they were a big feature, traceable back to the time when he was five, and his macniece was taken away to the asylum, never to return. O light, terror of light, hoofs and ruthless Wheels of steel and brass Dragging behind you lacerated captives Who also share your triumph as you pass.


Autumn Journal Quotes

And oh how much I liked the Concrete Universal. Views Read Edit View history. And the boot-blacks in Madrid Kept us half an hour with polish and pincers And all we did In that city was drink and think and loiter.

The plane-tree leaves come sidling down. Whose emotions are an intricate dialectic, Whose eagerness to live A many-sided autumm might be deplored as fickle, Unpractical, or merely inquisitive.

Autumn Journal

Some went back to work and the void jourhal Took on shape while others climbing ; The uphill nights of the unemployed Woke in the morning to factory hooters. Drums on the haycock, drums on the harvest, black Drums in the night shaking the windows: The writing is direct; anyone could understand it. Edna Longley puts it succinctly when she says: But anyone can go along with the herd, and MacNeice β€” true to the habits instilled in him, no doubt, by the education he describes so vividly in Autumn Journal β€”is more of a menschI think, for examining his own motives.

Cut and dried for trippers. With ranks of dominoes Deployed on cafe tables the whole of Sunday; 26 With cabarets that call the tourist, shows Of thighs and eyes and nipples.

Autumnn I try to feel zutumn in fancy but the fancy Dissolves in curls of mist A, A.

It was tempting to wonder what MacNeice would have written about the hysteria that attended the cartoon crisis: Thus the section about Barcelona having been written before the fall of BarcelonaI should consider it dishonest to have qualified it retrospectively by my reactions to the later event. System that gives a few at fancy prices. In fact, so structurally embedded is this plurality that without it there could be no Autumn Journal.

And blows apart their complexes and cares. Following the track from the gallows back to the town. For suddenly I hate her and would murder Her memory if I could And then of a macneicd I see her sleeping gently Inaccessible in a sleeping wood But thorns and thorns around her And the cries of night And I have no knife or axe to hack my passage Back to the lost delight.


Pages to import images to Wikidata. But if we assume such a God, then who the devil Are these with empty stomachs or empty smiles? Which reaches so irregularly back. I hate jornal grandiose airs, Your sob-stuff, your laugh and your swagger, Your assumption that everyone cares Who is the king of your castle. Now the till and the typewriter call the fingers. That was then and now is now, Here again on a passing visit, Passing through but how Memory blocks the passage. The closer the poet gets to his destination, and real life, the more the personal and general are mixed together.

And you with whom I shared an idyll Five years long, Sleep beyond the Atlantic And wake to a glitter of dew and to bird-song.

Autumn Journal Quotes by Louis MacNeice

It is written in jounal averaging about 80 lines in length. And I got my honours degree. But tonight is quintessential dark forbidding. The sections, alternating between political, life, local colour, the past, the inner life, are an argument MacNeice is conducting with himself.

The intrusion of meditations on Aristotelian concepts is made the basis for criticism of what is happening in the present and also provides the framework of what MacNeice considers the poem should be achieving. And a vulture hung in air Below the cliffs of Ronda and below him His hook-winged shadow wavered like despair Across the chequered vineyards. The eye drops I was using had a beneficial side-effect of making me less far-sighted, but they also made everything look dark.

And I think of Persephone gone down to dark, No more a virgin, gone the garish meadow, But why must she come back, why must the snowdrop mark That life goes on for ever? Persons of intelligence and culture.