The story of how Paul Savidge and Dan Macey became the owners of Louis Kahn’s Esherick House in Philadelphia started decades before the. The Esherick House by architect Louis I. Kahn was built in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States in Esherick House by Louis I. Kahn architect, at Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, to , architecture in the Great Buildings Online.

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Whitney Library of Design. Retrieved January 28, This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The rear of the house faces a esherlck adjacent hojse a wooded public park.

An unexpected surprise The house is located in a residential neighborhood called Chestnut Hill, far away from the center of Philadelphia. The car is the room on wheels. I went to the Esherick house as a student about 20 years ago.

I chatted with Savidge about the unique rewards and challenges of living in the house, and the couple’s plans for its future.

Esherick House – Data, Photos & Plans – WikiArquitectura

Thank you so much for your comment! The general shape of this two-story house is rectangular.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. She enjoys coffee, record stores, and uncovering the stories behind historic places.

Margaret Esherick House

The southeast-facing back wall of the Esherick House floods the home with natural light. That makes certain kinds of changes to the home, especially uouse to the exterior, subject to the review of the commission [the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places]. A kitchen of wood and copper was created for the house by Wharton Eshericka nationally known craftsman and artist.


The Esherick House in Philadelphiais one of the most studied of the nine built houses designed by American architect Louis Kahn.

Esherlck seeing our post, the new owners of the Esherick House in Chestnut Hill reached out to us, hoping to share their story. But what I liked the most was how the natural light came into all the rooms. Parker, but she did not purchase the house and the addition was never built. The architect and designer are really working with Dan and me and being drivers of the design and the changes.

Margaret Esherick House – Wikipedia

Even today, I cannot believe my luck. I had the exact same experience in as an architecture student attending the AIA convention.

Architect Louis Kahn had several connections with the Esherick family. He divided the house into served and servant spaces. The side wall to the left of the front door, the side with the kitchen downstairs and bathroom space upstairs, has a variety of small windows that can be opened for ventilation. Nevertheless, I was not even close to imagine what would happen later. The side wall of the house to the right of the front door, the side with the living room, has a single tall, thin window above the fireplace that frames the chimney, which stands apart from the house itself.

Languages Deutsch Svenska Edit links. By the way, I also tried the same with the Vanna Venturi House, but with no luck either… Thank you for your comment!


In each there seems to be a larger-scale building trying to escape from the confines of the client’s budget. The primary building material is concrete block with stucco facing.

Views Read Edit View history. A few doors from the Esherick house is the Vanna Venturi Houseone of the first prominent works of postmodern architecturewhich was designed by Robert Venturi for his mother. Archived from the original on December 15, Well, we were aware that it was for sale for a significant period of time.

The order of construction should suggest an even greater variety or design in the interpretations of what space aspires to become and more versatilityin expression of the ever present problems of levels, services, the sun, the wind and the rain. I have no idea if the same owner lives there, but my friends and I. I did not know that Venturi worked with Louis Kahn… But I totally agree that it is great to have both houses in the same area.

The house is noted especially for its spatial organization and for the ventilation and natural lighting provided by its unusual window and shutter configuration. Concept The house has a simple design with a central lobby featuring a staircase and a lounge area with a fireplace.