Greetings – I AM Lord Ashtar – we bring a message to you today of hope & encouragement that will lift your spirits. We are nearing the end. Ashtar (sometimes called Ashtar Sheran) is the name given to an extraterrestrial being or group . By the mids, the concept of Ashtar and a galactic law enforcement agency preparing an imminent rescue of humanity had become. Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Federation. Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Federation . Search for: product1-full Exchange Rate. Euro in your Currency. Recent.

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Ashtar (extraterrestrial being)

Due to radio and television interest, Van Tassel became the most well-known promoter of contactee experiences and somewhat of a celebrity in the s.

See all 6 reviews. Never underestimate your Power, you are powerful and the Dark ones have done their best to make you forget that.

Views Read Edit View history. Due to ‘sensitization’, most of humanity would accept the UFOs as part of humanity’s continuing evolution, while Ashtar followers would be needed as advisors, ambassadors and peacekeepers between the alien races and humankind.

Prophecy on the False Shepherd – he will receive a paralyzed or “dried up” arm some kind of plague destroys his arm and he will go blind in one eye: The book had some of this, but primarily Beth had relied on information by other authors for the content of this book, which I already had read years prior. They are our older brothers and sisters in maturity.

Lightwork is incorporating Jesus’ message of Love and Light into our daily lives, ultimately connecting with our Higher-Self.

Angels are beings with a consciousness and feelings and fedderation and children and assignments. Ashtar as the commander of the Galactic Federation of Light are not gods as the church has made them out to be. Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! Van Tassel maintained that the method he utilized was not a paranormal or metaphysical activity, but required being ‘in resonance’ with the messages being sent.


In Days To Come: We are their offspring. Showing of 6 reviews. This would assist every person to get familiar with them before they arrive and perhaps ease any anxiousness or worry to a degree for those open to it or just curious.

Elizabeth Trutwin (Author of Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Federation)

Retrieved ajd ” https: Their symbols are seen everywhere If we fail to listen to them and heed their advice, well, we don’t want to go there and shan’t.

For this, we say a heartfelt Thank You. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List.

Maitreya galactid the False Prophet. Each work is reviewed with an explanation to its connection to the work of the Galactic Federation and the history of the Galactics on Earth. Lucifer was the father of Cain not Adam. Your email address will not be published.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Ships from and sold by Amazon. Our system of credit is concentrated in the hands of a few men. They grow ashtarr baby angels to larger angels to devas and archangels.

Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Federation

We wait and assist in whatever way that Universal Law permits — and we send you constant Love! This page gaoactic last edited on 19 Decemberat Ashtar presented this face and demeanor to the artist from mind to mind but he has appeared with different faces at other times to other artists.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. I was expecting a totally “channeled” book with information given by Ashtar. RUN away from the Mega-Churches of today! With Lorrd it will all come out in the open! Webarchive template wayback links. I don’t know how accurate these pictures are, obviously these beings can create bodies to look like anything they want to look like The organization investigated and encouraged the healing arts, but its prime focus was to collect and analyse UFO phenomena and interview ‘contactees’.

It marked Van Tassel’s most important role in UFO history [1] [7] [8] In up to 11, people attended these conventions and heard channeled messages claiming to come from space.

And once again it is following orders that are being passed down even higher sources. The angels are ever ready to answer a call, however, and they have done more for the human race in lifting it than most individuals realize. These prophecies furthered the continued fracturing and disappointment within the movement when they failed to occur.

When you look up in your skies, know that we are there, cloaked, but still there. Until now most of ushave been unaware of that invisible boundary between these planes of excistence. The spiritual dimension that excists beyond the fededation of our five senses is appearing to us individually and collectively to wake us up out of the addiction to complacency, fear, denial and greed that is keeping us trapped in psychospiritual dysfunction.