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There is one drop thumb and a few hammer ons and pull offs. This is adapted from the fiddle music. Based on Hilarie Burhans’ tutorial on youtube.

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This is my original tune for banjo. Find a Teacher Take your playing to the next level with the help of a local or online banjo teacher. Love Come Home Genre: A melodic version of all 4 parts of Grey Eagle, inspired by the fiddle playing of Bobby Hicks. Simplified beginner clawhammer version.

This song is in F womah, not open G. Took me a few days but it was worth it! For use with this lesson: Here is a sample tab of the G major scale and C major scale for banjo. Now it is shown as [2] 0 in TablEdit but when you print the tab the [2] will not be printed.

This is my first attempt at creating and posting a tab for the BHO community. Besides the syncopations, there are open-string pull-offs in measures 8, 9, 10, and The first blsck third are similar to Earl Scruggs’s low and high breaks, the second and fourth are my own. Again, it just sounded right to me at the time, and still does. It is reasonably close, but you can watch my video here on the Hangout to maybe get a little more realistic sense of the intended feel.


Long cool woman in a black dress – The Hollies

My variation, in double C capo 2 tableeit D sound. So buckle up your seat belts. Expert Posted by mwblakeupdated: Capo up 2 and play it in A.

While not an unknown fiddle tune, it’s not overly common and is one of my personal favorites. These exercises were intended to build accuracy, speed, finger strength, and endurance. Beginner Posted vress BanjoNikopolisupdated: If you like it you may like my banjo blog at www.

Apples In Winter Genre: I would be grateful for any correction anyone could supply. You may also find it titled “Train to Ireland. I discovered that if you drop the low D string down to a C, it sort of opens up the fretboard to the key of Ab. Altogether, there is probably more variation here than I would use on stage or in a ccool, and I include it just to show you the possibilities.

Melodic style, with a couple instances of single-string. Tabbed for OzarkBanjoMan who remembered the tune his grandfather played. Another one kong those catchy Dave Guard banjo intros from the Kingston Trio days. Makes a great encore. Thus by playing the MIDI you can hear an approximation what it sounds like to achieve melody notes by detuning and retuning a string.


Beginner Posted by kipupdated: El Cumbanchero 4 Genre: Capo on 2nd fret.

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I just worked up a simple CH tab The former would be more of a dancing style, the latter a bluegrass style. I heard ddress classical guitarist talking about tremolo speed.

The key is actually G Dorian, so there is one flat Bb womna the key signature rather than the more conventional one sharp F. Inspired from the movie “Sargeant York” one of my favorites can be heard and seen: Text window must be maximized for easiest viewing.

He was also kind enough to advise me how to correct the small error. This often gets played fast, as a reel, but was intended as a lament. Another terrific original banjo tune by the great Bill Emerson.

You may perform this in public such as a festival, coffee-house, or tavern. Elkington and Dwight Diller versions. Simple Version of Frieght Train. Beginner Posted by banjukeboxupdated: El Cumbanchero Intro 1 Genre: