Ley de contrato de trabajo, 20, Texto ordenado por decreto /76 y modificaciones (Spanish Edition) (Spanish) Paperback – by Argentina ( Author). Get this from a library! Ley de contrato de trabajo: [Ley que modifica la Ley ], con las modificaciones que sancionó el Gobierno Nacional y texto. Ley de Contrato de Trabajo Contrato por Tiempo Indeterminado Contrato a Plazo Fijo Contrato de Temporada Contrato a Tiempo.

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Criminal sanctions No provision found in labour legislation.

Politica. Ley contrato de trabajo by Lara Murad on Prezi

This principle implies for parties the following rights and obligations: Once a trade union is granted trabaji union personality, they have exclusive rights granted by Art. Trade Union activities coontrato the bargaining units Prior consultations with trade unions workers’ leey Trade unions must ensure effective internal democracy. To join the governing body of a trade union, a person is required: The conciliator may extend such period for five additional days, after which, if no agreement is reached the parties are left free to engage into industrial action.

It is an advisory body to the technical secretariat of the Presidency of Argentina, and has tripartite representation. Ten days later, the agreement will be published. Maximum cumulative duration of successive FTCs: Their decisions will be taken in the manner determined by the statutes.

No restriction found in legislation. In case both parties accept it, arbitration fe are legally binding for the parties. The main responsibilities of the Council are: This protection will cease for those workers whose candidature is not officialised in accordance with the applicable electoral process from the moment in which such circumstance is certainly determined. Employees’ representatives may be elected under the following conditions: No Compensation for unfair dismissal – Legal limits ceiling in months or calculation method: Notification to the public administration: Collective agreements must be in writing and shall contain: Dismissal on the grounds of force majeure, economic or technological reasons concerning: The Council has four permanent committeesnamely:.


Notification to the trsbajo to be dismissed: The approval process is to ensure that the agreement does not violate any rules of public order. Excluded from the application of the rules on joining trade unions and concluding collective agreements for state workers are: Exchanging of information necessary for the purposes of the examination of the d under discussion.

The National Constitution of Argentina enshrines the following rights: No limitation on the number of FTC, as long as the duration of the employment relationship does not exceed 5 years art. Conflicts of interest are within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

No Preliminary mandatory conciliation: National Wage Council Consejo del Salario. Ministry of Labour 1.

Economic and Social Council of Argentina Description: Union representatives shall have the guarantees necessary for carrying out their union tasks and those related to the stability of their employment. In establishments with more than one shift, there will be will be a delegates in turn, at least. However, the scope of this database focuses on tripartite social dialogue carried out at national level.

In that case, once the conciliatory procedure is finished, the parties may resort to direct industrial action measures. Fixed term contracts must follow article 94 LCT, according to which parties need to inform the other party of the end of the contract between 1 and 2 months before the agreed deadline, except if the contract is for the duration of less than one 1 month.

The employer is in charge of providing evidence that a contract is a fixed-term contract art. If the advance notice is not observed, it will be presumed the conversion of the contract to an indeterminate one, except if an explicit renovation of the contract has been agreed.


Argentina – 2015

Such standards will serve to set programmes aimed at turning those informal activities into productive ones, improving their productivity and economic management; and to new initiatives leading to job creation. There is no general statement on the right of unions to affiliate with international organizations in labour legislation.

Voluntary arbitration is foreseen in Art. Wage negotiations or those relating to economic conditions of the work performed, shall be subject to the rules set forth by the budget law and the guidelines that determined its construction.

Collective labor agreements are concluded between a professional association of employers, an employer or group of employers, and professional association of workers contrao legal personality.

She is to retain her employment during the period indicated and is entitled to the allowances granted by the social security schemes. The worker is to enjoy security of employment throughout the term of office and for one year thereafter, unless there is good cause for dismissal Act No. The minimum wage is officially recognized as provided by art.

If during a labour dispute either party decides to take legitimate direct trabajl that affects activities that may be considered essential services, they should ensure the provision of minimum services to prevent any disruption of such activities.

ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations.