2. A Matanovic vs Petrosian, (B17) Caro-Kann, Steinitz Variation, 41 moves, 4 J Peters vs C Lakdawala, (B17) Caro-Kann, Steinitz Variation. More recent alternatives are Grandmaster Repertoire: The Caro Kann by Lars Schandorff and The Caro Kann Move by Move by Lakdawala. The Caro-Kann has 15 ratings and 3 reviews. Steven said: I have a few of Lakdawala’s move by move books and he has a unique and irreverent writing style.

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I guess you’re talking about 1. It might be worth a try! Interesting to see what Lakdawala has about it. Jan 19, 9. Alias Czro Member Offline Posts: But can I attain one book Nirvana with Lakdawala? Possibly I can mix a repertoire out of these two books.

Back to the monastery, monkish! Lake d4 on Planet Chess Joined: A quick glance at my own games shows that I had faced 2. More recent alternatives are Grandmaster Repertoire: I favour lines which are good but unpopular”. Antillian God Member Offline Brilliance without dazzle! My opponent “OutsideTheGate” was rated ; I was rated four points lower at He’s a bit arrogant on his variations though, taking the attitude that “it’s a better line, just trust me” and I have had some disastrous games playing some of his variations.


The Caro-Kann: Move by Move

I think White is going to have to commit to something definite caroo. Mark all topics as READ. Looking at the statistics, one cannot really blame him for that, I guess! I understand it won’t be an easy task, but it would be a good introduction for intermediate players to some interesting and exciting openings.

Cyrus Lakdawala cannot be stopped

No single repertoire will fit you completely but they provide a starting point from which you can add alternate lines based on experience.

In a repertoire book for Black, one would expect it the other way round – of course, it’s helpful to get an explanation why such and such obvious move isn’t good, but in the first place one needs a guide telling one how to react lakdwwala the other side’s deviations.

In my article http: None of which is made clear on any of the promotional materials or the jacket discussion itself. In the Advance Short Variation, Schandorff goes for an early c6-c5, whereas Lakdawala proposes f7-f6.


Caro-Kann : Move by Move

O-O Did he lzkdawala solve all probs in this line? I think he and the series as a whole, to answer the OP does a good job considering the intended audience.

I have also a new Chess hero in Karpov, I have learned how to play open Sicilian as white in Karpov style. Log In or Join.

Things might be more difficult for Black when he still has to reckon with Bg6 Nh3-f4, and the usual h7-h5 also makes less sense against a Ng1. I would take this line seriously. Usually if a chess book author is cranking lots of books out it is possibly a hack job. What to my wondering eyes would appear but 2. I like Lakdawalas He isn’t just choosing random openings and doing database dumps a la Schiller.

The host of Duels of the Mind?

I purchased the book “The Caro-Kann: