Intro. Wing Chun Kuen Kuit are “Words of Wisdom” which capture in poetic terms the finer attributes of Wing Chun Kung Fu. “Kuen Kuit” is Cantonese for “Martial. Wing Chun Kuen Kuit (Wing Chun Sayings). GGM Ip Man (Ip Man, 葉問) was the first Chinese martial arts SiFu to teach Wing Chun openly. While we know him. IntroWing Chun Kuen Kuit are “Words of Wisdom” which capture in poetic terms the finer attributes of Wing Chun Kung Fu. “Kuen Kuit” is Cantonese.

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A raised elbow weakens the force.

Sheung Kiu Bing Hang – Simultaneous defence and attack Lon Sau and Jip Sau put an opponent in danger. Avoid Pak Sau on the inner gate.

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Movements must be agile. There is no difference in who started to study first; the one who achieves accomplishment is first. One who is afraid of getting hit will finally be hit. The Wooden Man develops use of power. Unknown techniques are not suitable for training practice.


Timing is kuwn through practice. Strive to remain calm in the midst of motion.

Hoi Tschung Sat Loi Chum Always find weakness of your opponent from an apparent solid defence meaning that there are always weaknesses in your opponent, no matter how strong. Learning the techniques without developing the skills kiut never bring any accomplishment. Be fast with your fist. Use alterations in stepping forward and backward.

The Eight Cut Sword techniques have no match. Gong Yao Ping Yung – Hard and soft combine in use 5. Sau lao jung sien – Hand remains on the center line 6. Circular and straight accompany each other. Go on top of the incoming bridge, Neutralize the incoming elbow with an elbow. Pass on the tradition – Preserve this Chinese art and rules of conduct.

What is Kuen Kuit?

If nothing is encountered, the motion may have been a deception and one should cleave the center to intercept kurn true attackes. In uniting the waist with the stance, power can be generated. Face your opponent with your centerline. Power can be stored but with enough to spare. Commit all these to memory! The phoenix eye punch has no compassion. Siu Lien Tau comes first; Do not force progress in training.


Preserve the Chinese art and rules of conduct. Soft is employed to overcome kuenn.

Kui, obstruction, blocking and twisting Topping, stopping, sinking, thrusting, Sticking, touching, ironing, swinging, Swallowing and spitting contain stealing and slipping.

Internally develop the chi; externally train the tendons, bones and muscles.

Kuen Kuit | Wing Chun Articles tagged with Kuen Kuit

Exert strength with chi. In the future, the WCpedia staff, hopes to collect the specific Kuen Kuit that Fong Sifu and Moy Sigung, put into print, so the source of the water, may be remembered. Be steady with your breathing and strength.

Power is generated from the joints. Maxims of Wing Chun. When you should hit – hit 2. Sections of this page. Do not keep any bad habit. Punch from the heart.

The Yin Yang principle should be thoroughly understood. Pass on the tradition.