constitution. 0 references. country · Poland. 0 references. scanned file on Wikimedia Commons · Konstytucja Marcowa ().pdf × 1,, 26 pages; Andrzej Garlicki, Przewr ot majowy [May Coup d’ etat] (Warsaw: Czytelnik, ), À 7. Andrzej Burda, Konstytucja marcowa. Dokumenty naszej tradycji. See S. Estreicher, Nasza Konstytucja [Our Constitution] (). See the constitution of the Polish Republic, Mar. 17, 1, in Burda, Konstytucja Marcowa.

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No citizen may suffer a limitation of the rights enjoyed by other citizens, by reason of his religion and religious convictions. Learned investigations and the publication of their results are free. Exceptional courts are admissible only in cases determined by statutes, which statutes must have been issued before the offence was committed. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Statutes will define in detail the jurisdiction of court with juries, the organization of such courts, and their procedure.

Limitations of personal liberty, especially search of person and arrest, are admissible only in cases prescribed by law, and in the manner defined by statutes, by virtue of an order from judicial authorities. By birth if the parents are Polish citizens.

A special statute will determine the number, competence, and mutual relation of the Ministers, as well as the competence of the Council of Ministers. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

Upon the motion of the Senate, the President of the Republic may direct the publication of the statute before the lapse of the thirty days. No one may be deprived of the court to which he is subject by law. Every Voivodeship forms marclwa constituency and the number of senators is equal to one-fourth of the number of members of the Sejm, in proportion to the number of inhabitants.

The cause is heard and the sentence given by the Court of State, according to the rules of a special statute.

Other cases in which the Sejm assembles in extraordinary session are determined by this constitution. The relation of the state to such churches and religions will be determined from time to time by legislation after an understanding with their legal representatives. Jan Heurich Minister b. The Polish State is a Republic. Should the Sejm refuse confirmation, mmarcowa state of siege immediately loses its binding force.


The following other wikis use this file: Minister Spraw Wojskowych Sosnkowski. Hence it is assumed that this image has been released into public domain.

Sytuacja prawna Żydów w Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej – – Żydowski Instytut Historyczny

Every citizen has the liberty of selecting on the territory of the state his place of residence and abode, to move about and to emigrate, as well as to choose his occupation and profession, and to transport his property.

The employees of the Sejm are appointed by the Marshal, who is responsible to the Sejm for their actions. Labour is the main basis of the wealth of the Republic, and should remain under the special protection of konetytucja state. The parliamentary responsibility of the ministers is enforced by konstythcja Sejm by an konstytucia majority. The courts administer justice in the name of the Republic of Poland. President of the [Council of] Ministers Witos. A Supreme Court for judicial causes, civil and criminal, is hereby created.

The President of the Council of Ministers countersigns the appointment of officials of the civil cabinet of marcwoa President of the Republic, and is responsible for their actions to the Sejm. While he retains his office, a deputy may not, without the permission of the Sejm, be made to answer before a criminal court, penal-administrative authority, or a disciplinary court, or be deprived of his freedom.

“konstytucja marcowa” in English

The ministers and the authorities subordinate to them have the same right in their respective fields of jurisdiction. Immediately Upon his impeachment, the minister is suspended from office. State and self-government employees obtain leaves of absence at the moment of being elected deputies. Every governmental act of the President of the Republic requires for its validity the signature of the President of the Council of Ministers and of the competent minister, who, by countersigning the act, assume the responsibility therefor.

The sources of revenue of the state and of self-government organizations respectively, will be strictly delimitated by statutes.

The Sejm must be convoked to assemble on the third Tuesday after election day, and every year, at the latest in October, to an ordinary session for the purpose of voting the budget, the numerical strength and recruiting of the army, and other current affairs. However in some instances the use of this image in Poland might be regulated by other laws.


Statutes will determine the cases in which decisions of self-government organs may exceptionally require confirmation by superior self-government organs or by ministries. Such unions may obtain the character of bodies of public law only by special statute. Piast Poland to Poland during World War II – The deputies are representatives of the whole nation and are not bound by any instructions given by the voters.

The organs of the nation are: The right to reprieve and to mitigate punishment, and to destroy the consequences of criminal conviction in individual cases, belongs to the President of the Republic. Minister of the Former Prussian District W.

Administrative, revenue, and judicial officials of marcpwa state may not be elected in the districts in which they are performing their official duties. The deputies make to the Marshal the following vow in the presence of the Chamber: A minister is bound to answer, within six weeks, orally or in writing, or submit a statement wherein he justifies his failure to give an answer to the point.

Author Jarek Short title Untitled.

konstytucja marcowa – English translation – Polish-English dictionary

Within konstytuvja same limits, the ministers are jointly and individually responsible for the governmental acts of the President of the Republic. It is the duty of all citizens to submit to any public burdens, services, and duties imposed by virtue of statute. Statutes will put into effect the principle that from penal decisions of administrative authorities, made in the first instance, the parties concerned will have the right to appeal to the competent court.