al-Khutbatul-Haajah (The Sermon of Necessity). This is the khutbah which you hear the Imaam begin with on Jumu’ah and this is the Khutbah. Title: Khutbatul Hajah Shaykh Muhammad Nasir Ud Deen Al Albaani Www Islamicline Com, Author: way life, Length: 25 pages, Published: Full text of “Khutbatul Hajah The Sermon For Necessities” publication to this very day have begun to implement this khutbah in their lectures, sermons, books, .

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This brings the total number of Companions who narrated the Khutbat-ul-Haajah to knutbatul even though the author mentioned they were six khuutbatul the beginning of this treatise, and Allaah knows best.

We hope that this translation provides a glimpse into the wealth and ocean of knowledge of Imaam Al-Albaanee as well as give the readers a detailed understanding of the prescription of this blessed khutbah and some points of benefit related to it. It also shows that it was popular and well known to them to the point that the narrator sufficed in just mentioning it as such i. No Compulsion in Religion Nov 6, Al-Ibaanah E-Books 18 www.

Abdul-Hafiz Issahaku September 14, And it has become clear to me now that if its chain of narration is in fact authentic, it would not be rejected on the grounds of the Prophet’s other statement, since he St is able to do that which we cannot. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Al-Ibaanah E-Books 21 www.

In spite of this, the view that this sermon should be used in business transactions and things of that sort, such as leasing and so on, contains clear speculation. The second and fourth additions occur in this path of narration. I praise him, I seek His assistance and I believe in Him. I alerted the preachers, admonishers, teachers and others about the great need of preserving it and opening their sermons, articles 1 1 This is from the speech of Shaikh-ul-Islaam Ibn Taimiyyah in a study he put together to clarify a tremendous and beneficial principle – as he himself stated – concerning this issue, which is the offer and the acceptance in transactions and abiding by them.


Abu Maalik narrated to us on his authority. Verily, the best of speech is the Book of Allaah and the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad.

al-Khutbatul-Haajah (The Sermon of Necessity) | Islamic Treasure

Rather, the most that can be derived from this claim is that these statements i. It is sufficient to hamah to what khutbatjl Salaf as-Saalih adhered to Nov 14, Many people from the time of its publication to this very day have begun to implement this khutbah in their lectures, sermons, books, articles, and ceremonies.

And the three of them along with At-Tirmidhee reported it with the third addition. Instead, he has replaced it with other khutbahs introductory sermons that he himself has concocted!

This is since the hadeeth would at that point be mursal i. Al-lbaanah E-Books 6 www. So I divided the treatise into two sections and a conclusion.

Khutbatul Hajah The Sermon For Necessities

He linked both narrations to him, and added the following: In this research, he concluded that the offer and acceptance were not restricted khytbatul any particular wording, but rather that doing this was an innovation. Verily, all praise is due to Allaah They did this by way of forbidding us from blindly following them.

And fear Allaah to whom you demand your mutual rights. Regardless, both he and At-Tahaawee reported the hadeeth with the second addition. Whatever Khutvatul wills and what so and so wills…etc. Which day is most sacred?

And whoever investigates into the guidance and practice of the Prophet H, he will not find him constantly opening his sermons with it So a person must abide by this, using it to complete and perfect his needs and necessities. So it is as if An-Nawawee, may Allaah have mercy on him, contused one of the wordings of the hadeeth with the other, and this resulted in him quoting a text tor the hadeeth khutabtul has no basis in any of the narrations reported concerning this hadeeth, so take note.


Al-lbaanah E-Books 20 www. He also combined them in his book al-Asmaa was-Sifaat in the same manner reporting it from the path of Ibn Al- Mubaarak from Sufyaan. This second probability is khuutbatul. He is weak according to the unanimous consensus of the scholars. It can be understood from the Shaikh Al-Albaaneehhajah Allaah have mercy on him, that he held this sermon khutbat-ul-haajah to be obligatory. I have referenced kutbatul in Irwaa-ul-Ghaleel, which is my referencing of the ahaadeeth in Manaar-us-Sabeel no.

On the outset, this addition appears to be from the statements of Ibn Mas’ood, however Shu’bah disagreed with this, placing it as a statement of Abu Ishaaq, where he said: This is since I have not seen him open one book of his with this blessed sermon khutbah. As for this second khutbwtul, then it is authentic according to the standards of Muslim.

And we have already explained that this is wrong. It appears that he is Al-Makhzoomee Al-Madanee. IjuLuJ j i o. However, I would khugbatul to give my opinion on it, so show me the sermon. He means the hadeeth where the Prophet ft said: However, it is not authentic due to the unknown narrators that occur in its chain as we explained previously. And the three of them along with At-Tirmidhee reported it with the third addition.

And we seek refuge in Him from the evils of our selves.