Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War is a novel by American author and decorated Marine Karl Marlantes. It was first published by El Leon Literary Arts in . The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes Dispatches by Michael Herr A Rumor Of War by Philip Caputo The Quiet American by. Roger Perkins on Karl Marlantes’s Matterhorn, an anger-fuelled Vietnam War tale of camaraderie and conflict.

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It only makes sense. Courtesy of the author hide caption. Burkett, after trying to get it published the usual traditional, big publisher way. If you don’t care about any of this, read this book matterhorrn it’s an important part of American history and should remind us never to repeat this war and what happened within it and around it. At the beginning of the novel, the Marines build the base, but later they are ordered to abandon it. That was also a theme in the non-fiction book War by Junger.

But marine toughness does not have a damned thing to do with ammo, medical supplies, food and water beyond limits of human endurance, treating sick and wounded whose conditions exceed the capabilities of combat medics, or carrying the dead.

Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes | Book review | Books | The Guardian

That is all too typical behavior of young men who are insecure about their worth or manhood—the type the military targets in recruiting. In it, one of the key dialog exchanges is the non-lifer officers dismissing Captain Queeg, the lifer central character as a total loser.

Delivering a heavy volume of fire, the enemy temporarily pinned down the friendly unit. The latter portions of the novel detail the struggles of Bravo Company to retake the base, which fell into enemy hands after it was abandoned. To varying degrees, these works touch on the explosive politics of America’s involvement in Vietnam – whether this was a worthwhile war, a winnable war.


Maybe it was about losing your humanity but continuing to exist, or not, amid all that meaningless trauma and loss and fear. Matterhorn is powerful, emotional, gripping, gut wrenching, but most of all, it is haunting.

For Vietnam veterans, who returned home only to face insults and shunning, the stories remained locked matterhorb. Sir, I agree that the Army needs officers like me.

‘Matterhorn’: A Beautiful, Brutal Vietnam War Epic

But at regiment it looked odd – two kills with no probables. The soldiers of Bravo Company endure the unbearable: Then I heard an M16 on full automatic, starting to go through clips, a second to fire, three to plug in a fresh clip, and I saw a man out there, doing it.

Much is repulsive, and yet, no part of the marlantex seems unrealistic or exaggerated. The matterhorrn sergeant thought the kid was malingering and should have his butt kicked.


,arl Vietnam War is hard to romanticise and so it rarely finds fertile ground in the minds of younger readers. This is NOT a book about a war. I am 23 or whatever now.

What is this world where power-hungry, cynical older men send young virgins off to rot and be blown to pieces on some hill in a country none of them ever would’ve heard of otherwise? When he emerged from over the lip of the flattened top of Matterhorn, he saw the commander of the NVA unit shouting his men across the LZ to aid those defending the east approach. I could not stop listening to this audiobook. Read the book for excruciating detail on the misery of Vietnam infantrymen.

There is a documentary marlantez Restrepo about the same subject and time period as the book. On several occasions I made myself go on reading in spite of my whole body quivering. I was discouraged about it. He can shove my OER up his fat ass. As revealed well in the narrative, there were few pitched battles or contention to take territory, but instead many skirmishes with political goals, including an artificial emphasis on body counts. It seems like Marlantes’ real story was more intriguing than what he presented in the book.


Also, in the Caine Mutiny and in the non-fiction World War II military, the fancy schmancy college boys were on the same damned ship as the Queegs. By his courage, aggressive mztterhorn spirit, and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of grave personal danger, First Lieutenant Marlantes upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

There is a translation of the lyrics from Australian to American at my web page www. A second reason was that Mellas hadn’t been sure if the noise was dangerous, and he was far more worried about asking stupid questions than finding out.

Both positions are normally held by much more senior officers. I’ve subsequently read up a little more on the political element but was directed to this novel as a vehicle that would I listened mztterhorn this on audiobook, competently read by the ever reliable Jeff Harding. Damned if I know. Marlantes somehow pulls off placing the reader smack dab in the middle of the fighting without grossing the reader out.

We are not compatible. But Matterhorn had a lot of good buzz about it so I finally picked it up. The narrative has many themes: It’s every hill in Vietnam.

Objectives were not clear even higher up the chain of command. No one wanted it.