Kanthapura is the enchanting story of how the independence movement becomes a tangible reality in a It is text of the Civil Disobedience. Read full review. Foster’s compliment that Kanthapura is the finest novel to come out of India in recent the Freedom Movement into a full-fledged national movement under the leadership of In the text of the novel there are direct references to the Rama. # Kanthapura. RDF/XML ( application/rdf+xml); N-TRIPLES (text/plain); HTML+RDFa (text/html) Your survey will open in a new window and you may complete the survey at any point during or.

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Moorthy poured a little water into his tumbler, and throwing in a pinch of salt, swallowed it all, crying Rama-Krishna, Rama-Krishna. Such grass-rings and such leaf-cups too! And he can sing too, can Jayaramachar.

When there are boys like Moorthy, who should safely get married and settle down, they begin this Gandhi business. But when she came to the river, they were all so occupied with their washing that she too began to bang her clothes on the stones, and in banging she grew calmer. Like Harischandra before he finished his vow, the gods will come down and dissolve his vow, and the Britishers will. Moorthy will soon be here.

He will be here kanthapufa. And Rangamma tells him we are women and Satyagrahis and we are hungry, and he says he had heard about us in Kanthapura and that the Police are still there, and Nose-scratching Nanjamma can bear no more and she says, 4 We are hungry, Rangamma — we. Pariahs now come to the temple door and 42 tomorrow they would like to be in the heart of it. Stamp charges three rupees, registration bribes two-eight, and eight annas for the head peon and four annas for the door- keeper.

Sometimes it is six and a half and sometimes it is seven, with seven measures of fod- der-husk. In the last part o the novel, it is mentioned that people of the village were settled tezt Kashipur and Kanthapura was occupied by people from Bombay. Janhavee Deshpande-Mohanpurkar 19 October at Before Moorthy was arrested he started fasting kanthapuraa days after the 3rd day he was arrested. Children light them all, so that when darkness hangs drooping down the eaves, gods may be seen passing by, blue gods and quiet gods and bright-eyed gods.


Nothing but weaving coarse hand-made cloth, net fit for a mop, and bellow- ing out bhajans and bhajans, and mixing with the pariahs.

They were always badly dressed and always paid revenues due and debts after several notices. And there were other stories, he told us, Jayarama- char.

You cannot put wooden tongues to men. To tell you the truth, Bhatta left us after harvest on a pilgrimage to Kashi. And so two kznthapura on a field that hardly needed one, and the children will go foodless. Then she too will go to work on the fields with her husband. And when the court was over he did not go like Barrister Sastri and Advocate Ramrao to the Bar Club to have whisky and soda and God knows what, txt he went straight to the floor above the khadi shop, where fjll new Hindi teacher Surya Menon held classes, and when Sankar had time he divided the class into two and gave a lesson to the late-comers.

readings: Free English Literature Notes: Summary of the novel Kanthapura by Raja Rao

Oh, but when will it come, the call of the Big Mountain, Siva, Siva? Perhaps he has already slipped back to the Skeffington Coffee Estate. The Police will take away one after another among us, and yet sometimes they may leave the leaders out for fear of disorder and desperation.

This causes the village priest to turn against Moorthy and excommunicate him. Ramanna is the Second Brahmin. And there would be such a grand marriage, with city band and motor cars and such an army of cooks, and there would kantyapura such kabthapura royal procession in the very heart of the city, with fire display and all.

We cannot write only as Indians. India then will live in a temple of our making. White is the froth of the toddy, toddy, And the Mahatma will turn poison into nectar clear, White will become blue and black will become white, Brothers, sisters, friends and all, The toddy-tree is a crooked tree, And the toddy milk is scorpion milk, O King, O King, when will you come?


So Bhatta began to loan out one hundred and two hundred and three hundred rupees. And how many of us did go to prison in and never had touched the shadow of an advocate. You see, you have nothing to do in the afternoons after the vessels are washed and the water drawn, and if you spin just one hour a day, you can have a bodice-cloth of any colour or breadth you like, one bodice-cloth per month, and a sari every six months. And he could keep us sitting for hours together.

Bhatta now owned thirty-seven acres of wet land and ninety acres of dry land in all the villages — in Kantha- pura and Santur and Puttur and Honnalii. And we sought to make out who this woman was and who that woman was, but we could hardly see, for the evening was drawing near.

But some were really not bad to look at. Do I know how to decipher your books or your papers? He is not a bad man, the new Sahib. And you have only to look at her gold belt and her dharmawar sari. The shrieks of the pariah women are still shrill in the air, and where shall we find someone, where? Heartbroken to hear it, his mother Narasamma passed away.

There may have been ninety or a hundred — though a hundred may be the right number. And tell Mada to hurry back 24 before midday and fill the carts with sacks. He makes our images too and he even sold them at the Manjarpur fair.

Moorthy lifts up the bananas and says, 4 1 will drink but three cups of salted water each day, and that I shall procure myself.