I just finished reading Conversational Intelligence by Judith E. Glaser, a booster shot-of-a-book for your social IQ, and one that draws. Conversational Intelligence and millions of other books are available for instant access. . Author Judith Glaser presents a framework for knowing what kind of. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Basing her tips on recent neuroscience research, “In Conversational Intelligence, Judith Glaser takes us on an insightful and in-depth discovery of how trust, the most basic human instinct, creates.

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The book is full of successful stories of how the author turned conversations with an audience, often fearful and even hostile, into trustworthy and prod How much do everyday conversations determine success?

There is a n judtih lot of name dropping here which is a bit superfluous for my liking but Judith maybe using it to conversafional credibility, something she hardly needs to do given her experience. Conversations are not just a one-dimensional sharing of information; they are multi-dimensional. Judith Glaser has dedicated her life to writing this book.

Feb 27, Rogue Wilson rated it really liked it. Interesting elements but not enough on the neuroscience, and fairly repetitive. The neuroscience underneath conversations may be an intriguing judifh but it is not a particularly compelling why.

When you start with the basics and build on a strong foundation, your C-IQ skills improve and create a culture of trust. If I were you I would start about half way through the book and read the second half. At the moment of contact, conversations have the power to transform our lives. She writes it from her heart and life changing experiences of coaching corporate executives. Don’t get me wrong, its important to understand how the amygdala is activated in difficult conversations and how that impacts an interaction Website by Square Squared.

Getting to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of relationships, which depends on the quality of conversations. Order a copy of Conversational Intelligence today from your favorite bookstore by clicking a logo below:.


Once the umbilical cord is cut, conversations are the connectivity that keeps us together. The work would benefit from suggestions of what to do when the offered advises and exercises do not bring a desired result.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Thank you for your feedback.

People need to challenge new ideas before they can accept them. Transformational is one the most recent buzz words used in corporate America. An extremely interesting approach written in comprehensible terms for the layperson. Conversational Intelligence makes complex scientific material simple to understand and apply through a wealth of easy-to-use tools, examples, conversational rituals and vlaser for all levels of an organization. Jul 15, Heather rated it it was ok. I felt that really a lot of text passages were repetitive and this is mostly why I cannot give more than 2 stars.

The references to neuroscience, although trendy, are not really necessary for the actual material or the fantastic exercises Judith details in the glawer. Author and Organizational Anthropologist Judith E. I have desired to be be a better leader and communicator. Take it to the next level Are you a coach looking to learn more about Conversational Intelligence?

This book gave practical ways to transform an organization’s culture to one of trust, joy, and excellence. Conversationl read that formalizes the theory behind how conversations evolve intelligejce the position of the different speakers during a conversation.

Why you need Conversational Intelligence

conversationak How much do everyday conversations determine success? Juddith the addiction to being right When we feel strongly that our point of view is right, our brain focuses on looking for evidence. When we feel strongly that our point of view is right, our brain focuses on looking for evidence. The concepts were sound but for this one I highly recommend getting the book so all the charts and information are available for referencing.

We know what the other person says and we are explaining what we meant again because we don’t think the other person has a clue. Since conversational rituals embody what to do and conversational taboos embody what not to do, we build communities and cultures as we engage with others over time. Interesting content, but poor editing and a sense of this being a sales pitch ruined the credibility of the message.


It wasn’t quite a book on conversation skills, nor trust, nor emotional intelligence, nor brain chemistry; but it touched on each of those at different times as if that’s all there is to conversational intelligence.

The book could have been called “inclusive leadership” though. It even made me question some interactions I have been faced with and whether the approach I have chosen was best suited for the given situation! It changed my way of thinking when it comes to people in general.

Conversational Intelligence

Jul 13, Amanda Trescott rated it it was ok. My view of reality is that we are more than just body creatures.

Core ideas are good and important. Conversational intelligence gives us the power to: But for me it did not tread new ground, and the added science seemed more for show.

Articles & Publications

Open Preview See a Problem? It is also utilitarian. Want to Read saving…. When we facilitate great conversations with our internal colleagues and external partners, we shift the energy in relationships toward positive and mutually beneficial outcomes. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

They are rarely neutral. The author tries to sound ‘scientific’ by connecting her writing to neuroscience, and while some points are valid, this book lacks depth, critical thinking and even proper referencing of previous studies.