Along side of development lifecycle, most of us looking for a way to be sure that the unit of work that has been written is working properly and committed. JSFUnit provides testing capabilities for JSF applications. JSFUnit framework provides a facility for running the unit test cases for JSF application directly from the browser. To make .. Spring + Hibernate Integration Tutorial. JSFUnit tutorial, available from: ht tp:// Shunmuga, Shunmuga, R. (). Introduction to Java Server Faces, available from: ht .

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JSFUnit – JBoss Community

I love how people talk all the time about how classloaders are the part of Java that separates the chillun from the grown folk probably half or more of whom would fail a basic design patterns testand yet jjsfunit we are admitting that the thing is so stupid that it will just load up stuff and let the whole house burn down. JSFUnit makes this very easy to do.

You can test anything reachable with the Expression Language. Given below is the screen shot of the test results for the login application.

Note that for each component we have explicitly assigned identifiers through the id attribute. For example, the following code adds a simple Request Listener.

Secondly, the validation of username and password is done within the implementation of this class in the method login. Note that the following compile-time and run-time jar files need to be present tutorisl the classpath.

Not my code of course, cough, cough. Similarly for the incorrect username and incorrect password, the views returned are error. This article provided step by step process in setting up the environment for facilitating testing for JSF applications. The very first thing to note is tutoial the test case classes should extend org.

I need a sample project regarding JSF UNIT testing (JSF forum at Coderanch)

Sometimes, as part of debugging, it will be essential for dumping the client id information pertaining the current page. Insight Into a Hybrid Approach.

  HIOKI 3280-10 PDF

There’s some excellent documentation, tutorials and samples on the JUnit website. Below is the login JSF page. Note that the return value view mapping during login process is modeled as navigation rules and navigation cases.

At first, it encapsulates the username and password properties. If the framework is able to find the component it will return a valid UIComponent reference and the value for the component can be obtained by calling getComponentValue. Learn more about Kotlin. Typically in Javathis means creating a parallel class for each class which has testable features. It’s how modern teams deliver modern software. Note that this will simulate as if the user is typing the values for the username and the password fields.

Learn how to tutoriall a monolithic application to work your way toward a scalable and resilient microsystem. Opinions expressed by DZone contributors are their own. ServetTestCase so that the Servlet Runner can run the test case class within a web application. Not many frameworks exists in the market for testing JSF applications and this framework which originated from JBoss community provides wider coverage for testing JSF applications with respect to the managed beans tutorizl, navigation flows, application configuration etc.

The ideal JSF backing bean has little or no JSF-specific code in it, and therefore little need for the special environment of a web application.

An application can emit faces messages which can be warning, information or an error. Now the application is displaying the login page and in the first test case, we have made of the JSFClientSession API for setting the username and password parameters by calling setValue paramName, paramValue. The test method testTitleComponent is used to test whether the component is rendered and if rendered making sure the text displayed in the component is correct. It’s often said that a bug found during development costs one tenth as much if the same bug being discovered in a deployed product.


Help in testing web projects. If you use Apache Ant or something similaryou could even set things up to take the latest code out of source control and run the unit tests every night.

Of course, turned out the one I was looking at was Bourne.

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For running the test-cases and to see the test results on the browser, we have to make use of Servlet Test Case runner. Old versions of various common libs getting entangled. If the username and the password combination is correct, the application redirects to a successful page and when the password is incorrect, an error page will be returned. Because tuyorial is a faulty premise at the core of the declarative process: Note that we have explicitly specified the identifier to each of the components.

Running the JSF application is simple. Given below is the code snippet of the JSF page. This page displays the input components for accepting the username and password through the inputText and the inputSecret tags. JSFUnitFilter which is used to initiate the environment suitable for running test cases.

One can use the method findComponent method to identify a component displayed in the page. Finally ttorial article provided the miscellaneous capabitiies like checking the state of managed beans, adding request listeners, testing faces messages etc.

I’ll second what Tim says.

Sample: JSFUnit

This article is an attempt to provide an introduction to the framework JSFUnit. Unit testing refers to testing components of an application as an individual unit. And finally the page content is validated for correctness by comparing it with the return value from getPageAsText method.