Jan 9, Explore Armando Ramirez’s board “Joe Madureira” on Pinterest. Kwan Chang:: For Sale Artwork:: Inhuman # 2 by artist Joe Madureira A Wolf Illustrations Blog: Joe Madureira Sketchbook Joe Madureira, Comic Books Art. Joe Madureira Sketchbook. Starting as an intern at Marvel comics at age 16, while still in high school. By the time he was 20 he was the regular. Joe Madureira – ‘Joe Mad!’ is a favorite creator of users · View a chronological listing of Wildstorm Cliffhanger Sketchbook () · #0 · #0 ( Wizard World.

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Hakes Auctions

If you like his work search sketcybook more on google because he does not have a person website or blog. Wednesday, September 19, Joe Madureira Sketchbook. Posted By naqam washington Views, 18 Comments ?

Ink Wash Art Type: Encuentro’ – ‘La alianza falange: I love his work but decided to only do a gallery of his pencil sketches because no one sketches with the clarity and bold line work like him. Old Friends’ 1 Cover B – ‘Stage Null Toleranz 4’ He became the regular penciler on Uncanny X-Men in and soon rose to become one of the most popular artists in the industry.


Extra – ‘Wie voert de kat! Entra libremente y por tu propia voluntad’ M. When Realm Interactive was acquired by NCsoft, he continued to contribute to the game as it evolved into Exarch, and was eventually released as Dungeon Runners.

His first published work was an eight-page story for the anthology series Marvel Comics Presents, starring Northstar. TPB – ‘Ultimate Vision’.

Joe Madureira (Joe Mad) – Masters of Anatomy

Consign Now to Hake’s Auctions. Newer Post Older Post Home. Old Friends’ 1 Reprint Cover – ‘Stage 01’. Since I first saw his work in Battle Chasers he has been one of my favorite comic artists.

They Fall’ Marvel Millennium: Other For Sale Status: Wolverine 1 Onslaught TPB vol. Peter David TPB vol. View All Hot Ebay Auctions. Batman who Laughs by Jomar Bulda Awolf Illustrations Awolf Illustrations This blog is used to show my finished work as well as previews of pieces as work in progress.

Joe Mad X-Men Page!

Madureira returned to the comic book industry as the artist skrtchbook Marvel’s The Ultimates 3, with writer Jeph Loeb. Splash Page For Sale Status: Old Friends’ 13 Cover A. They Fall’ Iron and the Maiden: By the time he was 20 he was the regular artist on Uncanny X-Men, one of Marvels biggest titles during the height of the publishers popularity during the mid 90’s.


And Quacks Like a Duck As the Uncanny X-Men artist, Madureira designed the “Age of Apocalypse” uniforms, new manga-inspired costumes for the regular title after Onslaughtas well as the Avengers’ brief new designs after The Crossing.

Vigil was acquired by THQ in March But They Can Sure Try! Scott Campbell Variant 8 9. Craig Russell Inker Media Type: During this time, he would occasionally contribute cover artwork for gaming magazines and comic books. Joe then went on to work in the video game industry. Joe Madureira Penciller Media Type: Battle Chasers 9.

Original production cel Batman The Animated Ser The Circle Chase 1 – ‘Ducks in a Row!