Testament: Memoir of the Thoughts and Sentiments of Jean Meslier [Jean Meslier, Michael Shreve] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Know. Jean Meslier () served as a Catholic priest for 40 years, but after his death was discovered to have written the very first book-length. Remarkable for its era, his page Testament shows us that Jean Meslier “ invented a radical atheism, proposed a hedonist ethic, formulated.

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What is even more horrible is that the law of this detestable Jewish people also commanded that they sacrifice men. The Mohammedans, the Indians, and the Pagans mesiler make these claims in favor of their religions, as well as the Christians.

Jean Meslier

Everyday he would make us rehearse. Matthias, that of St. Bill, Yes, I know of all the names you have mentioned. First, it can be seen that there is no erudition, no sublime thought or any production beyond the ordinary strength of the human spirit.

None of which can be said of J. But this same Solomon, the wisest of their writers is also the jsan unbelieving.

Testament by Jean Meslier | New Humanist

I can respect neither, though I agree that currently the Catholics — even with a pantheon of saints — look less loony and more stable. Yes, I know of all the names you have mentioned. I think the Catholics as a group were right not to look too closely at the actual text or to get into the muck of mythology.

There are true believers who in despiration want to be good but were told that they are not. The vocation and the choice that God made of the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to make of their posterity a people who he would sanctify and bless above all the other peoples of the earth, is the proof of this.

Sorry, but carefully preserved pious fictions are still only fictions. While they are not taken in, they go along with the sham. Founded on love and brotherhood, the communes would ally to help each other and preserve peace. Equally common is the version quoted by Diderot: Do they not also see that the same reasons that demonstrate the vanity of gods or idols of wood, testameent, etc that the pagans adore in the same way demonstrate the vanity of Gods and idols of clay and flour that our Christ-lovers adore?


It will reach from the east to the west, and from north to south; I will be your protector wherever you go. It is said that Jesus came to save his people. The Protestants, having decided to actually read the meslirr and interpret it themselves rapidly demonstrated the wisdom of ignorance promoted by Catholicism; they fragmented into dozens then hundreds then thousands of sects and denominations.

It is not credible that an omnipotent God, infinitely good and wise, would want to use such methods or that He would take such a false path in order to make His will known to men, for this would manifestly mean wanting to lead them to error and to lay traps for them in order to have them embrace the party of falsehood. According to them its doctrine is so pure, so simple, that it is obvious that it can only have come from the sanctity of an infinitely good and wise God.

The Allogians attributed the Gospel and Apocalypse of St John to the heretic Cerinthus, which is why they rejected them. The following passage is found at the end of Voltaire’s Extraitand has been cited in support of the view that Meslier was not really an atheist. According to what they say, the day after that Last Tfstament would not have been the eve of Passover.

You both may enjoy reading winteryknight. But instead jjean this he was regarded as a man of no value, a fanatic, etc. I would like very much to know how an Ezekiel would be received who says ch 3; 4 that God had him eat a parchment book, ordered him to have himself tied up like a madman, told him to lie down days on his right side and 40 on the left, ordered him to eat shit on his bread and then, as a compromise, ox droppings.

Since no one has yet seen any appearance of the coming of this Kingdom, it is eloquent proof that it was only imaginary. If our Christ-lovers say that the seven sleeping jeslier miraculously slept for testamebt, that they were locked up in a cave, the pagans say that Epimenides the philosopher slept 57 years in a cave where he had fallen asleep. Speaking of Jesus, Matthew says that the word had been spread around Jerusalem that a new king had been born, and that the Magi had come seeking him so as to adore him.


On the contrary John says that it was Andrew, brother of Simon Peter, who was the first to join Jesus along with another disciple of John the Baptist, having seen him pass before them when they were with their master on the banks of the Jordan. They should content themselves with laughing at their own affluence, but at least let them not multiply their errors by abusing the blind piety of those who, with their simplicity, procure them so comfortable a life style.

Testament of Jean Meslier by Jean Meslier

Memoir of the Thoughts and Feelings of Jean Meslier ; and so does his subtitle: Saying, for example, that by the people of Israel and Judah – to whom these promises were made – one must understand not the Israelites of the flesh, but the Israelites of the spirit, that is the Christians, who are the Israel of God, the true Chosen People. Jean Meslier, priest of Etripigny and of But in the Champagne region, a native of the village of Mazerni, a dependency of the Duchy of Mazarin, was the son of a worker in serge.

Retrieved from ” https: My brother-in-law Catholic while a skilled lawyer is easily outflanked by me if the issue of religion comes up. A materialistMeslier denies the existence of the soul -he also dismisses the notion of free will. Voltaire hears about this fire ship that they were snatching up for a fortune.

Nevertheless, they still say that these two persons without body, form, or face – and consequently without any difference in sex – are nevertheless Father and Son, and they produced through their mutual love a third person they call the Holy Spirit, which person has, no more than the two others, either body, form, or face!

Click on my name for link. Besides, how far above these books that are said to be inspired iean God are the authors who are called profane: