The Gebser Society furthers the work of German poet and integral philosopher, Jean Gebser (). Jean Gebser () was a German poet, philosopher, and phenomenologist of consciousness. He is best known for his magisterial opus, The. tural historian and evolutionary philosopher Jean Gebser, largely in his own words. According to Gebser, human consciousness underwent a series of mutations.

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What he could not foresee was that Europe was preparing for its darkest hour. Five jen years before Christ, the fundamental mode of reality-perception mutated from mythos to logos through the agency of figures such as Socrates, Siddharta, and Lao Tzu.

Like previous “mutations” before The Greeks and their shift from the mythic-round to the mentalthe new worldview accompanied an explosive burst of culture and civilization. As long as we continue to perceive reality as a steady growth of progressthe faster reality will overwhelm us with our own projections.

A Gebser newsletter is published in Illinois, scholarly studies on his ideas have appeared, and doctoral dissertations are being written on him. It also resembles Asian religious philosophical terms and views, such as Rigpa in Dzogchenand Ramana Maharshi ‘s view on awareness as the sole reality underlying the ego-structure or “I-thought.

He foreshadowed the ecological-oriented worldview, as well as the complexity sciences of the 70’s. Now it seems this exponential growth has lead us to the edge of Western civilization. I suspect it will be outside of any one movement’s control.

As Europe emerged from its dark ages, it helped set the stage for the state of affairs today. Twelve hours before his apartment in Madrid was bombed in the fall jeabGebser again abandoned everything. In Gebser decided to leave Germany, embarking on his pilgrim years.

A Brief Biography

Modern Time, Birth of the Jexn. In some sense, we are captured by our own ironic limitation of progress–unable to switch gears until the train is at the edge of the cliff. I have none of his theological leanings. The mental structure lives time as lineardirected or “progressive” and space becomes the box-like, vacuum-like homogeneous space of geometry.


Of Freud he wrote, ” Irons in the Fire. Aaron Brown rated it it was ok Aug 29, Amazon Advertising Gdbser, attract, and engage customers.

Jean Gebser — Aaron Cheak

As Gebser understands the term, “conscious is neither knowledge nor conscience but must be understood for the time being in the broadest sense as wakeful presence. He inherited his studious nature from his father, a jurist and author, and his more vivacious side from his beautiful femme fatale mother.

That such a global crisis is a spiritual one is not surprising. Symbols and statues do not just represent those events, objects and persons, but are those same objects and persons.

I can’t say it is because I agree with him on everything. The philosophical issue of being versus non-being becomes an out-of-date mental artifact.

Manifestations of the Aperspectival World Aug 31, It is a direct experience of “Presence. Living becomes hard to bear in such a consciousness structure. This is where some of Ken Wilber’s ideas come from.

In the following decades, Gebser worked tirelessly to give shape to his inner vision. Richard Tarnas and Ken Wilber, and then return to this. It was here that he changed his German first name “Hans” to the French “Jean.

Origin or Gehser, in the original German is the source from which all springs, but it is that which springs forth itself. As complex as our experience of time has become, we are still in a kind of “transitional” ageas the gehser of whether or not we have fulfilled time, or it has fulfilled us, is yet to be answered.


Opening remarks

He published a study of Rilke, and then began his long career as a social critic and visionary. Unified knowledge gain is atemporal. Annual conferences dedicated to his work are held at Ohio University under the auspices of the International Jean Gebser Society.

The experience of time is becoming playful, dynamic, and interdependent. No direct information on this structure is available; it is inferred from writings from later times. This book is arguably gwbser single most significant book on the planet, putting Flatland archaic “scripturalisms” to shame.

Jean Gebser – Wikipedia

At the still point of the turning world. In comparison with the dual, divisive character of opposition, complementary is polar and unifying.

I had the opportunity to present a paper on the spiritual gebsed of Gebser’s work at the Gebser conference at Ohio University in Athens. Clarity is both a means and a sign of such intensification. Unified knowledge gain has more depth and is capable of embracing span. Ruta rated it it was amazing Feb 26, It is the essence which is behind and which underlies consciousness.

This mind is not tied to our local bodies and brains, but a Mind that is immanent to and transcendent of the cosmos. The person who has broken through to the arational-aperspectival consciousness, however, sees the limitations of the ego, and is not threatened by the suggestion that he or she is more than the narrow field of awareness and angular vision that is associated with the ego. Studies in the Evolution hebser Consciousnessand in collaboration with the mathematician Ralph Abraham gebssr, Thompson further related Gebser’s structures to periods in the development of mathematics arithmeticgeometricalgebraicdynamicalgeber and in the history of music.