Isobel Gowdie was a Scottish woman accused of witchcraft during the witch hunts of the 17th century. This article discusses her story, witchcraft. Isobel Gowdie, the renowned “Queen of Scottish Witches”, was a young Scottish housewife who was tried for witchcraft in Her detailed confession. The witchcraft confessions given by Isobel Gowdie (in Auldearn, Scotland in )are widely celebrated as the most extraordinary on record in Britain.

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The trial of Isobel Gowdie Scotland’s ‘Queen of Witches’

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Their visionary astral trips do seem similar in nature to Isobel Gowdie’s, as well as similar to known shamanic spirit work elsewhere throughout the world. Witch Trials in the Seventeenth Century One of the most prodigious prosecutors of witches in the early gosdie age was Scotland. Super Hub Carolyn- well researched and superbly written.

This is the woman who gave the world the notion of a coven. Isobel Gowdie Tortured There is little doubt that many witchcraft suspects were coerced into making a full confession.

Often these cunning folk were benign and performed a useful role in their society.

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Isobel Gowdie – Wikipedia

Carolyn, This is a “must read,” isoel my opinion, for all history students. We do know that Isobel Gowdie was a real person who was tried for witchcraft and we do have her confessions. But the confessions that do not match up with the elements found in the those books appear to demonstrate that these people WERE actually practicing a surviving pre-Christian shamanic practice. If a particular folk practice really pushed the boundaries of Church doctrine, then an accusation of witchcraft was likely.


December 21st, 0 Comments. They isobeo to the Privy Council in Edinburgh, seeking a Commission of Justiciary for a local trial iskbel be held. Worn down by the pressures of interrogation and hoping for leniency, the poor woman is likely to have told them what they wanted to hear.

We see the same thing in places like South and Central America, for example. Searches for a witch-mark or witch-pricking. Retrieved from ” https: I shall go into a hare, Isobek sorrow and sych and meickle care; And I shall go in the Devil’s name, Ay while I come home again. Naming some others who were in attendance, including Janet Breadhead and Margret Brodie, she said that she renounced her baptism and was re-baptised by the Devil who promptly renamed her Janet.

Witch Hunts in Scotland: Scottish Witch Isobel Gowdie and King James’ Role in Witch Trials

July 21st, 0 Comments. There is a definite tie-in with your topic to early England, Scotland and the Catholic Church and their foundation.

The women and some men were obviously saying what their accusers wanted to hear in order to make the torture stop, right? Kenneth, thank you so much for the kind complement! The pricker began by stripping the victim naked and shaved them from head to toe.

Isobel Gowdie

Unless isbel are signed in to a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information is anonymized. Spooky Scotland has taken us to many haunted destinations. She expanded on details about the coven by providing the nicknames of its members and as many of the spirits that waited on them as she could remember; her own servant spirit, dressed in black, was called the Read Reiver.


The thought that nothing has changed crossed my mind. Modern day academics characterise Gowdie, who was illiterate and of a low social status, as a talented narrator with a creative imagination. Or about another book that, rather than being commissioned to other authors like the KJV Bible, was actually written by the King’s ixobel hand; Daemonologie. Church courts were never isobep allowed to use direct torture to obtain a confession.

It is an extraordinary fact that in the centuries before the Reformation the number of known executions for witchcraft in Scotland was in single figures; but in the years between and as many as 4, Scots perished because their contemporaries thought they were witches. To do this I Have tried to capture the soul of Scotland in music and outer sections contain a multitude of chants, songs and litanies real and imagined coming together in a reflective outpouring — a prayer for the murdered woman.

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Thank you for your kind words. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: There are no surviving records from the time and she made no reference to children in any of her confessions.