The Natural Philosophy Of AhleSunant Wal Jamaat www. Page 2. The Natural Philosophy Of AhleSunant Wal Jamaat. Hujwiri’s Kashf al-Mahjub. Proof of His Impressionability from Different Leaders and Sources. Abstract. The present paper will acquaint the reader with the life of . CHAPTER XI of Kashf al-Mahjub. by the Gnostic Ali Hujwiri . `Amr ibn `Uthman al- Makki, who shows great zeal on his behalf (andar amr-i way ba-jidd bashad), .

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Give me a word of counsel.

If religion takes hold of them, they will behave more discreetly and will not misjudge the Friends of God in this way and will look more anxiously to what concerns themselves. His spiritual attainments are clearly shown by his compositions. Sufis of all sects regard hijwiri as blessed. He is recorded to have said: He was always held in great respect by his contemporaries. Ruwaym doubtless gave this answer in reference to the inward state of the questioner, which he truly diagnosed, or it may be that God had temporarily allowed him to fall into ,ahjub condition, and that he described himself as he then was in reality.

The latter possess the Truth and are without conceit, whereas the former possess conceit and are without the Truth. Consequently the orthodox Muslims are ignorant of his true state and hold him suspect. On seeing this, Sari gave all that he possessed to the poor and took the path of Sufism. Ill, containing the Annotations, Man, enamoured of his gross environment, remains sunk in ignorance and apathy, making no attempt to cast off the veil that has fallen upon him.


The Kashf Al-Mahjub : Ali Bin Uthman Hujwiri :

Some imagine that they work for God s sake when they are really hhujwiri for themselves ; and though their work is not done with any worldly motive, they desire a recompense in the next world. Divines are among the elect, and when one of them is satisfied with behaving like ordinary people, nothing good will come from him. Shuja wore a coat when he visited Abu Hafs.

It is written among the genuine Traditions, and is well known to scholars, that when Abu Bakr prayed at night he hijwiri to recite the Koran in a low voice, whereas Umar used to recite in a loud voice. Both Ibrahim Khawwas and Ibrahim Shaybani were pupils of his.

CHAPTER XI of Kashf al-Mahjub

I have asked God s blessing, and have cleared my heart of motives related to self, and have set to work in accordance with your invitation may God make you happy! Substances accidents, elements, bodies, forms, and properties all these are veils of Divine mysteries.

He was firmly grounded in works of mortification and devotion, and was a great authority on the principles of Sufiism. The Tajaribu 1-Umam of Ibn Miskawayh: Both Shibli and Ibrahim Khawwas were converted in his place of meeting.

He was distinguished for his know ledge of the abstruse sciences and for his subtle indications kaashf to the meaning of the Koran. The disagreement of divines is a mercy save on the point of Unification.

Kashf ul Mahjoob – Wikipedia

Some manjub him, while others accept him. Harun said, Counsel me further. University of California Press. Let all men, therefore, know that those mhajub by us are nujwiri by the people, and that those accepted by the people are rejected by us. The mukhlis purifying one s self is active, and retains his attributes, but the mukhlas purified is passive, and has lost his attributes. The poems of four early A rabic poets.


God be praised both in joy and sorrow! He performed many miracles, and experienced marvellous ad ventures without number in the desert and elsewhere. Ixxxiii, 14 ; then He made the sense of this manifest and said: He associated with many of the Followers and with some of the ancient Shaykhs, and had a perfect knowledge of Sufism.

Ali Hujwiri

I am none of these things, but every person gives me the title which accords with his belief concerning me. Very different are the doctors of the present age, who make the palaces of princes their qibla and the houses of evildoers their temple. It is related that he said in his place of meeting: He was a companion of Salman Farisf. I, then, who am All b. Combine that with a lot of fantastical tales and you come to the conclusion that you are none the wiser and have wasted time trying to delve into psyche of a Sufi saint.

When they look thereon with longing, they do not see what is subject and passive and created, but only the Omnipotent, the Agent, the Creator. God save us from lack of fairness! As Abu Bakr al-Wasiti said: Therefore the gnostic is separated from mankind and from thought of them, and he is joined to God.

And he said also: