View and Download HP A calibration manual online. Synthesizer/Function Synthesizer HP A Operating And Service Manual. Frequency ( pages) . The Operating and Service Manual contains infor¬ mation required to install, operate, test, adjust, and serv¬ ice the Hewlett-Packard Model A. Find great deals for HP a Function Generator Operating and Service Manual . Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Sine wave amplitude and flatness Bits 3 through 0 in the status byte can be masked so that the corresponding conditions will not cause a np request.

HP 3325A Calibration Manual

Set the A function to sine, frequency to 20 MHz. Note — the -hp- part number for U5 is X Drive Linearity Test. Each value should be within the calculated limits. The A address switches are located inside have identical stacking connectors on both ends so that the top cover near the center of the instrument.

Read positive peak voltage of attenuated waveform on voltmeter. If no data has been stored in a register, the recall command for that register will be ignored. Programming Data Transfer Mode. Remove the ohm feedthru termination and connect the A output directly to the digital voltmeter input.

HP a Function Generator Operating and Service Manual | eBay

Function and location of the part. This will not interfere with the operation of the bus unless it was set to STBY while addressed to talk. The Require Service message and, maual, the SRQ line is held true until a poll is conducted by the controller to determine the cause of the request for h;, or until the device no longer needs service. When a delta symbol is encountered, the technician should first refer to the corresponding service group in this section. Any changes in specifications due to manufacturing, design or traceability to the U.


An amplitude calibration is performed when a register is recalled. The 6 dB is a correction factor compensating for the folding action of the mixer.


It is High at the start of a sweep up, goes Low at the selected marker frequency, then High again at the stop frequency. A4 – Pageparagraph Verify Vpp to be between and volts. Change oscilloscope delay to and read negative peak.

Change the A function to positive slope ramp. If shipping to a Hewelett-Packard office or service center, attach a tag indicating the type of service required, return address, model number, and full serial number. Square Manuual Rise Time and Alterations.

When the instrument is turned on, the sweep mode is set to linear, and the parameters are set as follows: Don’t show me this message again. Power supply assembly A2 — test instrument top view. Ssrvice that all three voltmeter readings are between 3. Service Group O – Power Supplies For example, if a sine wave amplitude of 10 V p-p has been entered, press the Vrms or mVrms key to display the same amplitude as 3.


The output level may also be selected or displayed in V rms or in dBm 50 ohms. Programming Binary On or Off Functions The output voltage should be 3.

Basic Block Diagram, Logic Circuits. Mixer Service Group H.

Set the sine wave signal source A as follows: This procedure tests the amplitude of the A ac function output signals against the accuracy specifications in Table Keyboard and Display, A Set the oscilloscope as follows: Change A function to triangle. This test uses the control, ROM, and control clock circuits to perform the following checks: This function need not be programmed if it is desired to remain in Data Mode I.

Maximum output is 10 V p-p. Instruments with Option do not have rear panel signal output. Figure is a diagram of the interface connections and bus structure. Change the A frequency to 9. The voltmeter readings should be within the tolerances shown.