Hollywood Worldviews was the first book to come out that taught Christians how worldviews are integrated into movies and television. It has guided a generation . Hollywood Worldviews. Watching Films with Wisdom and Discernment. Updated and Expanded. by Brian Godawa · Cultural Analysis. In Hollywood Worldviews, filmmaker and screenwriter Brian Godawa (To End All Wars) weighs in on the task of “Watching Films with Wisdom.

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I always knew that a creator’s worldview is portrayed in their works, but I wanted a more deeper understanding of how they are portrayed. He does this with depth and yet an engaging clarity that is really helpful to the reader. Chapter eight explores various ways Christianity is portrayed. It is something to chew on even if not every Christian will find themselves in agreement with the author.

HOLLYWOOD WORLDVIEWS: Watching Films with Wisdom and Discernment

It explores postmodernism, exstinsilism, neo- paganism, evolution, and many others. The very essence of the Christian faith centers on the identity of Jesus Christ as God’s only begotten Son, who bria is the source of salvation and author of faith Acts 4: He’s also influenced by Van Til’s Presuppositional apologetics another major plus! If you are a Christian and want a better understanding of how to discern movies, then I recommend this book. It might have also been a benefit for the reader if Godawa provided his personal ratings of the books he reviewed, perhaps giving us an idea of movies that he feels we should or should not see.

Simply because God saw fit to include an element in Scripture does not give us license to portray it visually. If you enjoy watching movies, as I do, this book will increase your movie watching experience at least ten-fold.

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The book ended in an anti-climactic and rushed fashion. A typical plot line will showcase a tragic character flaw in the hero and an apparent defeat at the hands of the adversary.

Hollywood Worldviews: Watching Films with Wisdom & Discernment – Brian Godawa – Google Books

Do you, too, laugh at the bumbling priest and seethe at the intolerant and abusive evangelist? However, Godava seems to have a good grasp of the movies from and before and incorporate many good examples. Just what, exactly, would an “accurate” portrayal look like?

I found myself agreeing with Godawa in many places, including his analysis of various films. Worldviews in Movies, and Act 3: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Act 2 of the hillywood, which focuses on three worldviews that’s the undercurrent of many contemporary movies: He was just giving Biblical examples of those content concerns but sometimes in more explicit?

Quite a few films promote this false definition of biblical faith but particularly amusing is O Brother, Where Art Thou? The final section, denouement, is a strength of the book that the bruan will want to refer back to time and time again as she watches new films with eyes wide open. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Godawa very lucidly captures these messages and how they oppose the Christian message, but is also quick to point out where films exhibit traits that are conducive to it.

Start reading Hollywood Worldviews on your Kindle in under a minute.

What is the point? The narrative of a movie reveals the worldview behind it. Two other criticisms are the inclusion of “director’s cut” notes throughout the book, which in reality was multiple promotions of his web site.

And there is a difference between describing history and fabricating a story. That aside, movies about exorcism, angels and demons are cogently discussed.


Read reviews that mention hollywood worldviews brian godawa sex and violence watch movies violence and profanity highly recommend must read cultural anorexics cultural gluttons christian perspective various worldviews existentialism and postmodernism worldview recommend this book highly recommended eyes wide wide open pop culture watching movies throughout the book.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. However, this strength of the book is also, perhaps, a weakness. Aug 06, Victoria rated it really liked it Shelves: Speaking of finding the value in movies, Godawa says, “Because all truth is ultimately God’s truth, we can find what we think is true in a movie and dissect what we think is false”. Other than that, it’s a great work on getting us to ask the right questions and to teach our children to ask the right questions Really good book on how to evaluate movies from a Christian worldview.

Similarly, in spite of redeeming qualities, Gladiator can be viewed as pagan apologetics. His sections on how Jesus has been presented in films over the years and how the Christian faith has been presented are excellent.

In Part 2, Godawa covers the different worldviews and philosophies that shape movies, particularly existentialism and postmodernism.

Other than that, it’s a yollywood work on getting us to ask the right questions and to teach our children to ask the right questions when it comes to evaluating films from a Christian perspective. Apologetics is a non-profit ministry.