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Vitellogenesis in the tick Amblyomma triste Koch, Acari: Aos colegas e amigos que nos auxiliaram nas capturas dos animais: Cells very similar to the epithelial ones form the pedicels. Surrounding the vestibular vagina there is a glandular epithelium, the lobular accessory gland, found only in ixodid ticks 4.

Músculo cremaster

Unfed and partially engorged females were employed in histologgia study. In Rhipicephalus sanguineusde Oliveira et al. The quality and resolution of images are remarkable because of the improvement by authors of a histological technique histoloia for arthropods and for the employ of an original procedure for feminine tract dissection that makes it easier and saves time avoiding technical complications. The structure of female genital system in Ixodidae consists of a single U-shaped tubular ovary in the posterior region of the body, paired and folded oviducts are in both extremes of the ovary joint into a common oviduct or uterus.

Barreira hemato-testicular – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

The wax coat waterproofs the eggs and causes them to stick together 17 forming huge masses that also contribute to retard desiccation. It is an organ only observed in ticks, it is located in the interior of the body cavity near the anterior end of the scutum 2,4.


Figure 2 represents the same scheme 1 with vertical lines demarcating zones, in order to guide readers on reprrodutor approximate location of a number of serial cuts. Histologically, the testis of immature males shows seminiferous ducts with round egg-shaped forms. A detail study of mating and sexual tick behavior could be read in Kiszewski et al.

Male introduces its chelicerae inside the female genital pore and then ejaculates into a sac, named ectospermatophore; inside itthere is another sac the endospermatophore full of inmature seminal cells named spermatids. How to cite this article. Symposium on reproduction of arthropods of medical and veterinary importance.

Barreira hemato-testicular

Schneider I, Rudinsky JA. Assuring paternity in a promiscuous world: Mating strategies and spermiogenesis in ixodid ticks. On the contrary, in B.

Rev cub Cienc agric. Morphological, histological, and ultrastructural studies of the ovary of the cattle-tick Boophilus microplus Canestrini, Acari: Histological and dissection Techniques: The male copulatory organs result of transformations that take place in the inner surface on the palial membrane.

Músculo cremaster – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

It has been suggested 9 that fertilization takes place in the internal cylinder which extends from the uterus to the ovary itself. Rev Cub Med Trop. Coloration was done with hematoxylin-eosine.


In their lumens we could notice masses of cells that will originate spermatozoids. The minimum time required after the copula is performed is seven days. In the structure of the testis a great number of very small channels converges to a single one. Amblyomma triste Koch, Acari: As all schemes, it is a generalization from a number of individuals; reader ought to keep in mind that variations in each item from different specimens are actually a very frequent fact.

The functional anatomy and histology of the reproductive system of some pilid gastropod molluscs.

When not in use, the organ is retracted within the anterior histologgia of the body near the capitulum. The anatomy and histology of the female genital system in Boophilus microplus are scarcely studied; only it is possible to refer to articles about oviducts and fertilization 8,9 and studies of the ovary by Saito et al. It is a paired structure formed by globular or finger like sacs sometimes called horns and glandular tissue.

Anatomically, the testis is better evidentiated than the ovary. Functional analysis of metabolic and imnune proteins in the tick Ixodes ricinus by RNA interference. The penis has a conjunctive muscular sheath that can be seen in van Gieson’s coloured preparations.