In the book these kanji are taught using stories. These kanji are learned the fastest if you read the book as well. Warning: in many cases the key meanings in . For example, Heisig’s RTK is a method. The + Kanji are ordered in a specific order. You only build new Kanji from primitives from the ones. Study the Japanese characters with James Heisig’s “Remembering the Kanji” method, and review with kanji flashcards.

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I’m talking about fully-fleshed out methods, from start to finish. Oh okay, so basically Henshall’s method of learning a Kanji by learning its history? The other disadvantage of course is that the most complex Kanji will be covered first complex in terms of number of radicals, not in terms of meaning which makes it harder to remember.

The disadvantage is that looking up Kanji you don’t know all of them gets very annoying, very fast.

We are governed by our emotions – love remembsring soul shattering awe are among them. It’s all laid out in a path from total beginner to kanji god.

Neisig is a system of four subsystems: Since it’s for Japanese people, I’m guessing that they learn Kanji from remmbering common e. Then I discovered Anki and RTK and did RTK1 but without using stories for some reason, but I imagine I’d have been just as well served by sticking with learning to my original method but switching the notebook out for Anki.


If you do, you will put a halt to learning any practical Japanese. After finding a good story on koohiiI then go into my Anki deck and add the story to heosig corresponding kanji flashcard.

While I always tell people that the method works for me and always suggest to people that they look into it because it might work for them also – what evidence do you have that RTK is the “better” method?

After that, you are expected to create your own stories and mental images. Sorry for my remmembering English. The stories on koohii have saved me countless hours of mental strain. This is the traditional method right? Let me guess, you didn’t read the introduction?

Japanese kids write kanji all throughout elementary and junior high school in order to learn them. However, I would not recommend using the second book. If you need help configuring Anki, consult the manual found here. After getting through the book, expanding your Japanese vocabulary will become a breezy walk in the park. It is a matter of preference in a sense. How does this book make learning kanji easier? Smile at kanji, they will smile at you. Retrieved from ” https: The first part is jeisig the style of Volume I, where the writing and keywords are learned.

How to Study I highly recommend reading the intro pages as they will prime you even better than I can on how the book works.

“Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji sucks” – Other Kanji Learning Methods?

This book is meant to supplement learning Japanese as a whole and make learning kanji easier. Heisig groups roughly half the kanji according to “signal primitives” that signal a certain Chinese reading. Is it rememebring as dizmox mentioned?


The course teaches the student to utilize all the constituent parts of a kanji’s written form—termed “primitives”, combined with a mnemonic device that Heisig refers to as “imaginative memory”. The least we could do is return ksnji favor by donating to him heisiy buying his mobile app. At the beginning, listening comprehension and pronunciation are the most important, and, more often than not, completely ignored. February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

For each Chinese reading of a kanji, an example compound word is given. It is split into two parts. I hesitate to call this a method. Remembering the Kanji 1: You only build new Kanji from primitives from the ones you already know.

“Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji sucks” – Other Kanji Learning Methods?

Kids take a long time because they’re well, kids. This is a pretty ridiculous statement — Heisig wrote his book in ; are you suggesting that “any foreigner” before gave up? Just imagine flames pouring out of it and charring the keyboard, the monitor, and your desk reme,bering sooty black color.