Trail Map. Notice: Happo-one Ski Resort All guests enjoying skiing or snowboarding on the mountain, need to be aware of the Hakuba rule & Happo area rule. Happo One Piste map ski, resort runs and slopes in the ski resort of Happo One. Browse our high resolution map of the pistes in Happo One to plan your ski. Happo One highest resolution piste map. Happo One Piste Map / Trail Map. Ja Weather · Snow Depth · Piste Map. Resort Info. Ski Resort Guide · Resort.

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Sakka 3 Lift Course.


Riesen Slalom Competition Race Route. We hope you enjoy the excitement of skiing or snowboarding ‘in the trees’. An automatically moving walk-way is prepared for beginner skiers and kids.

This year Happo has added a new trail inside the Skyline Area. Popular among intermediate skiers, beginners can also enjoy skiing by following a detour course aside the Panorama Course where slope average is between 10 to 15 degrees. Riesen Grat course features the finest powder snow in Happo area.


Happo-one’s main ground, Usagidaira lies next to Hakuba’s famous three mountains. The top of this course, “Nakiyama’s Wall” is designed for intermediate skiers.

A magnificent view of The Hakuba Mountain Range attracts all patrons from the novice to most advanced. A rather steep central course connects skiers to the “Panorama” course, “Shirakaba” course, the gondola lift “Adam” and JR Happo Station as a short cut. At the top of Usagidaira ground there is traail bahn with bumps, as well as a rescue headquarters.

This diverse course also hosts official ski proficiency tests.

Trail map Happo-One – Hakuba

At the entrance ski ground of Happo, a number of restaurants operate their business beside the Nakiyama course. Intermediate mapp advanced skill level is required. Skiers enjoy dynamic and panoramic views of mountains and the finest powder snow. This kid’s ground is protected by safety nets, kid’s can enjoy fun and safe snow activities. Another of Happo’s popular bump courses is the famous Usagidaira course. Popular among beginners and families, Shirakaba is located next to the gondola lift “Adam”.


The Skyline Course has a popular 6km length downhill section that connects the Kurobishi and Sakka grounds. The course guides skiers and boarders to Sakka ground.

Sakka course is the lowest grade slope in Happo-one, beginners and families with kids will be able to have a wonderful first winter sports experience.

Hakuba Happo-One | Ski Map | HAKUBA TOURISM

Kokusai 3 Lift Course. Click on the link below for detailed location and rules.

This trail is for expert level skiers and snowboarders. Sakka 2 Lift Course. Skiers can enjoy night skiing here too. Kurobishi 2 Lift Course.

You can enjoy the beautiful and breathtaking scenery of Japan’s Northern Ha;po from this course. We offer Kid’s grounds, Kid’s room and ski school. Webcams view all Usagidaira webcam Usagidaira webcam Kurobishi webcam. Overall this course is smooth and moderate except for one slope that is located right next to the Skyline Lift.