The Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS Division Handzar, above in , was of the existence of a “Handzar Divizija” in the Bosnian Muslim Army. The original Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS Handzar Division, shown above in Army known as the “Handzar Divizija”, i.e., the Handzar Division. At the trial, Gusic testified as follows: “This is an order whereby the following units , the Handzar Divizija, the Silver Fox Unit, become part of the special purposes.

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Hitler’s Elite Guard at War, — After heavy bombardment by the artillery regiment, the trapped Partisan force escaped south out of the pocket under cover of darkness on 18 May.

13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar (1st Croatian) – Wikipedia

By the end of the first week in September, divisional supply columns were being attacked by Chetniks, sensing German weakness and looking for arms and supplies.

Military Intelligence Division Hitler formally approved the project in mid-February and Himmler put Phleps, commander of the 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division Prinz Eugenin charge of raising the first SS division to be recruited from a non- Germanic people. Meanwhile, from December to Marchthe rest of the division remained at Barcs rebuilding.

Apparently, the mutineers believed that many of the enlisted men would join them and they could reach the Western Allies. As a result, the last Muslim SS troops left Bosnia. The overall plan involved columns that were to force the Partisans eastwards into the pincers of the other units, thereby destroying them.

On 8 May, an order was sent to retreat to Wolfsberg, Carinthia. Visions and Revisions, — In addition, a serious food shortage threatened the region. In the early morning of 3 Octoberthe Partisan 28th Slavonia Division assaulted a squadron of the reconnaissance battalion at Janja close to the Drina on the eastern boundary of the security zone. Following fighting which continued into the evening of 13 April, the 27th Regiment reported Partisan casualties of dead, 45 captured and two deserters along with large amounts of weapons and djvizija.


FlashBack: How Bosnian Muslims Reformed Nazi SS Division

The mountain cap was also adorned with an Edelweiss flower patch, worn on the left side of the cap. After four hours fighting, and with half the battery’s personnel dead, the artillerymen ran out of small arms ammunition and scattered into the forest. Bishop, Chris; Williams, Michael As a result of continued desertions and the catastrophic casualties suffered by Kampfgruppe Hankethe division retained little of its original Bosnian character.

The following officers commanded the division. This is the principal text in English on the subject, and has been cited by historians such as Mario Jareb and Charles L. Nazi Propaganda for the Arab world. The Mufti insisted, “The most important task of this division must be to protect the homeland and families [of the Handsar volunteers]; the division must not be permitted to leave Bosnia”, but the Germans paid no attention.

13. SS oružana brdska divizija Handžar

The battalion captured several more Partisan positions in the following week. Jagdkommandos were sent after the fleeing enemy but were not able to inflict significant losses on divuzija as they had already crossed the Drina into the German-occupied territory of Serbia.

They were mostly former members of various Muslim militias who had been conscripted into the ranks of the Partisans. According to divisional commander Hampel, it had been exhausted even before Operation Hackfleisch began.


Schweiger did the same with 2nd Company. Operation Maibaum had not only stopped the Partisan 3rd Corps from crossing the Handza into Serbia, it had scattered the Partisan formation.

The Germans considered Operation Osterei a major success, achieving all objectives with minimal losses. On 5 May, the division’s remaining men, both German and Bosnian, began to retreat northwards towards Austria. According to German reports, 42 Partisans were killed, while the division’s losses were four dead and seven wounded.

Ernst and Werner Gieseking. The 27th Regiment quickly captured Janja and drove through Donja Trnova to reach the Hxndzar coal minesan important economic objective for the German war machine.

In the first week of Augustthe Second Panzer Army was finally ready to move to thwart the Partisan advance from Bosnia into Serbia, originally planned as Operation Rose.

hanndzar Not only do you have these in your hands, but above all you have an idea in your hearts — to liberate the homeland. Sources differ regarding the division’s initial composition.

Die Bosniakische Handschar Division – Bosnjacka Handzar Divizija | dagobertobellucci

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. A “proven leader of men”, he spoke no Serbo-Croatian but quickly gained the lasting respect and affection of the men of the division. After the first week of September, most of the division’s fighting power was shifted to the western boundary of the security zone to meet Partisan incursions.

The Second World War in Yugoslavia.