Salsa, Afro Cuban Montunos for Guitar. Finally the first instructional book showing guitarists how to play Salsa styles. Following on from his highly successful. Documents Similar To Salsa Afro Cuban Montunos for Guitar. Guitar Music of Uploaded by. kostas salsa guitar. Uploaded by. This Latin improvisation lesson uses an A minor montuno. A montuno is a unique accompaniment pattern often used in Latin America, especially in Afro-Cuban.

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Hope this article helps you enjoy playing some beautiful music! Please click on the book cover below to purchase. I know that they certainly have helped me a lot except for the tres cubano book, which I have not read but would like to.

You could also play them with a bell. Johnny Pacheco and Larry Harlow. Salsa, Afro Cuban Montunos for Guitar.

Thanks for checking out the semi-secret section for those of you who watched all the credits. Try to play all the percussion parts. Please note, that while I have some experience with the style, I am certainly by far not guittar expert! Watch this video on YouTube One chord montuno. Of course, learning from the music will always guiatr a lot, too! Check out playing tumbao and a montuno, salsa guitar lesson. You can sing and play the different parts guuitar the clave, the cascara, and the tumbao if you want more of a challenge.

But check out how the guitar part outlines a clave. Mambosonson-montunomontunocha-chasongotimbalatin jazz are some that are fairly well known styles. They relate to the clave. You can call it salsa guitar or playing montunos or trying to sound like a tres. Watch this video on YouTube Clocks. If you mkntunos the different rhythms you can hear better where you fit in, plus understand the accents, and also get a better feel for everything.


Tons of written and audio examples. It uses montunoa lot of the same instrumentation, rhythms, and dance steps. But it looks good. I recommend lovers of 70s music to schedule in some serious listening time to these guys. Like the needle said to the record: These interlocking patterns weave together to create an amazing, magical groove that gets people wanting to dance.

Pick a slower song or a cha-cha-cha and just dance the mambo slowed down to practice and just groove on the basic step.

You must log in to post a comment. An iconic song by Tito PuenteI would suggest you check out a few versions of the song to get a feel for how all these great musicians adapted it to different musical settings.

Please remember to try variations and different patterns. Watch this video on YouTube Learning to dance salsa Half the fun and beauty of salsa is the dance. Learn the basics of what people call salsa guitar. You will receive a link to download the all media files.

PDF of some sample A minor montunos. Check out Afro-latin Afro-Cuban and Afro-Puerto-Rican musical styles to understand the deeper roots of salsa, son and mambo.

Skip to content photo by Les Haines You can call it salsa guitar or playing montunos or trying to sound like a tres.

Latin Guitar: #4 Minor & Major Montuno – TrueFire Blog

Cascara means shell and the patterns are usually played on the shell of the timbales. All guitar examples written in staff and tablature. Irakere was more latin jazz and songobut I feel like in the 70s, Cuban music was more inspired by jazz harmonies.


A lot of the musicians i. But really I love this isolated track of Van Halen, so I just wanted an guitxr to share it with you here. This provides a great overview of how the different instruments fit together in a various salsa situations. Watch this video on YouTube This version starts out with a rumba clave. Watch this video on YouTube Montuno patterns for salsa guitar Video lesson of montuno section. For now, just tap the beat with your foot and the clave with your hand. For Piano and Ensemble.

But an eye opening moment for me was hearing this wonderful album from Kenny Burrell that included Ray Barretto. They were mostly from Puerto Rico and Cubathough musicians came from many places i.

This goes from G to F. All purchases are done through our SSL secure server and Gumroad.

How to Play Salsa Guitar

You can basically play the piano montuno. Watch this video on YouTube Candela. Remember to learn the songs as much as you can from the vinyl! Play the conga solo on your guitar!

Please listen to the audio demos below. Salsa and Afro Cuban Montunos montunoss Guitar. It may sound complicated but it is pretty straight forward once you start feeling the groove.