: Micropolitica: Cartografias do desejo. GUATTARI; ROLNIK. Micropolítica cartografias do desejo Uploaded by lubuchala GUATTARI; ROLNIK. Micropolítica cartografias do desejo. Micropolitica: Cartografias Do Desejo. Front Cover. Félix Guattari. Vozes, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Micropolitica.

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The song that occurs to me is one of the many Tropicalismo songs I learned in Brazil. Such changes tense up the current cartography, until they finally produce collapses of meaning. The teacher is Tamia, whose repertoire is contemporary music and free jazz, an effervescent current within the Parisian s.

Conversations – Deleuze, Schizoanalyst.

This is the potency we feel resonating in our body, and her cry vitalizes it, in spite and because of the intensity of her pain. However, the direction he had pointed me in with Lulu and Maria installed itself imperceptibly in my body and operated in silence, slowly oxygenating the fibers of desire, gutatari their drifts and the vital work of thought that normally accompanies guzttari. The artist received each person individually for one-hour sessions, one to three times a week, over a period of months, and, in certain cases, for more than one year.

Inside the artistic terrain, the operation is more obvious: Guattarj he was certainly saying between these words was that, in order to resurrect the will to live and the pleasure of thinking, it is always possible to bring desire back after it breaks down.

The soft timbre of a joy of living resurfaced and brought me back to Portuguese, less frightened than before. Today, common sense tells us that the border between technology formerly known as nature and culture is a fluid one.

When the boundaries of a certain stability are broken there is a danger that baser subjectivities tied to common sense will infer the risk of an irreversible collapse, and will begin to panic. If art, in its extraterritorial drift, comes closer to activism cartogfafia the context of cultural capitalism, this is due to the blockage of its own political potential, caused by the new regime. To promote a work of memory by means of interviews recorded on film was the pathway I found towards an answer to these questions.

However, if we want to sense the situations that carry such powers, it becomes necessary to remove the hierarchy of cultural values in the established imaginary cartography and, above all, to tune our hearing to the effects that each encounter mobilizes—these effects should be the privileged criterion for orienting our choices.

In this sense, her oeuvre was partially stuck in cartograia position of antidisciplinarity that had characterized the movements of her time. The next-to-last step was taken in the work developed with her students at Sorbonne, where the artist taught from to On the left wall begin several rows of showcases: In the context of cultural capitalism, artists share with activists cartogarfia same foci of tension in reality; but the most striking artistic practices of intervention in public life are not those that end up merging completely with the activist practices to which they have drawn closer — reducing their field of action to macropolitics, running the risk of becoming strictly pedagogical, illustrative and pamphleteering.


I entirely disinvested Portuguese, and micropoliticaa it the poisonous marks of the fear that froze my movements of desire. I am overcome by a feeling of estrangement: With his right arm he holds up the heavy, purple velvet curtain so that we can cast a first glance at the wonders of the carefully arranged collection in the long, light hall behind.

It is common to describe technology as a cultural practice, or culture as a fabric of interwoven material, intellectual, and social techniques. The strategy consisted in opening up a concert of paradoxical and heterogeneous voices, marked by the tone of singularity that comes with lived experience, yet dissonant from the timbres we are used to, whether in the fields of art, therapy or politics. There are no ready-made formulas to carry out such an evaluation.

I decide, there and then, to return to Brazil, even if I had never considered leaving Paris until then. During the revolution in Egypt, such tools proved their ability to animate the global public, while politics reasoned gattari ideas remains, as of yet, incapable of responding to chronic problems. Arising from this comparison are distinct degrees of the affirmation of life, even and above all in the face of death. Artists have a fine ear for the inarticulate sounds that reach us from the unutterable, at so points where the dominant cartography frays apart.

The characteristically activist operation, with its macropolitical potential, intervenes in the tensions that arise in visible, stratified reality, between the poles of conflict in the distribution of places established by the dominant cartography within a given social context conflicts of class, race, gender, etc.

I went back, and never for a moment doubted the wisdom of that decision.

guattari micropolitica cartografia do desejo pdf free

InLygia Clark wrote: When Google enabled access to Twitter services through landlines in Egypt, the American administration erred on the side of caution. Of course, I could not arrive at any of this when Deleuze made his suggestion to me. Searching for this relational quality was probably the way that Lygia Clark found to move from the politics of subjectivation marked by an already dominant fuattari, as it presented itself — and increasingly presents itself — on the terrain of art: In that singing lesson, nine years after my arrival in Paris, something in me realized, before I micropoltiica did, micropo,itica the poison had sufficiently receded for there to cartoyrafia no more risk of contamination.

On one such adventure, her vitality suffers the impact of reactive forces that cause her to leave her country. It indicates that the whole body has this power to resonate to the forces of the world.


Between the two poles, active and reactive, a changing multiplicity of forces is asserted, at varied and variable degrees of potential, in a constant reordering of the diagrams of power. Having identified the extraterritorial drift according to the cartography that Holmes has offered, we can now trace its outlines more precisely. But how to convey an oeuvre that is not visible, since it is carried out within the unlimited temporality of the effects of the relationship that each person establishes guxttari the objects that compose it and with the context established by its device?

Suely Rolnik: The Body’s Contagious Memory |

The poetic force is one of the voices in the paradoxical polyphony through which are delineated microppolitica heterogeneous and unpredictable becomings of public life.

As in similar practices unfolding around the world today, one of the characteristics of the current strategies is an extraterritorial drift, as Brian Holmes pointed out.

One of the darkest effects of this narcosis is a separation between speech and the sensible—its corporeal reality, the site of a living relation to the world that nurtures its poetic density. The latter micropoiltica disappeared from the universe cartografla art, where it was replaced with a undifferentiated mass of consumers, destitute of the resonant exercise of their sensibility and whose definition is reduced to a classification in statistically established categories.

Click to start a discussion of the article above. Becoming embodied in artistic creations, those changes make them into the bearers of a contagious power at the moment of their reception. This was probably the reason why Lygia chose this field for her extraterritorial drift cratografia period during which the critical movement had fallen quiet in the territory of art, beneath the heavy weight of the art market that reached its apogee in the s.

One expects that this will relieve, at least for some time, the unease produced by the process of differentiation unleashed by the living presence of others.

Deleuze, Schizoanalyst – Journal #23 March – e-flux

After all, totalitarian regimes do not impinge only upon concrete reality, but also upon this gusttari reality of desire.

This is a strategic decision that should be recognized as such. An imperceptible transmission that contaminated whoever listened to him. The exhibition brought in a possible response, by means of resorting to the memory that has constituted its central nerve.

The Relational Lens Having identified the extraterritorial drift according to the cartography that Holmes has offered, we can now trace its outlines more precisely.