Page 1 of 2 – Goff Klan Roster – posted in GORKAMORKA: Hey! I’m back to hobby so I’m going to make some conversions to my new warband. The Caslon font is used for the Warhammer and Mordheim rosters; Caslon Antique – Caslon A roster for Gorkamorka (Zip – Kb) (Requires the Civic font ). Downloads and resources for Games Workshop’s main games – Warhammer and Warhammer – including the Rollcall army building app and ADF files.

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Squiggoths are snarling behemoths and their simple brute and ferocious nature is testament to that. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. This serves as the focal point for the map as well as the main crossroads for all in-game traffic.

Goff Klan Roster

Getting it out was quick and painless for him, but the weapon needs a quick fix. To provide a question or issue you can either post in the FAQ thread on The Waaagh, or leave a comment here. Fickies in such a group cannot Hide gormamorka go on Overwatch as the others will give them away, distract them, or just generally make a nuisance of themselves. He also starts with a significantly higher level of base experience in order to limit his opportunities to acquire further skills and stat increases.

Next turn the driver must pass a leadership test in order to regain control or the beast continues rampaging.

Sumfink In Gorkamoorka Sand has all the details needed for incorporating the terrifying beasts of the desert into your games of Gorkamorka. Luckily for Da Cuttas Ov Da Jibb, the crazed Dok who hacked off the legs of two of the crew whether they needed it or not.


The rider suffers -1 to his Leadership when trying to control the Boar.

Shooting from a Boar: Higher technology such as las-based weaponry can only be used by suitably seasoned warriors, partly to limit the strength of the high ballistic skill of the faction. Step forward and be anointed…. Two Handed Axe 1 and Bossadded Kannon on back.

If you feel like playing these guys then you may wish to pickup some heads from MaxMini:. See page 12 of Digganob for the statline.

The weapon cannot be used the next turn, but the turn after. Five Fickies throw rocks at a fort gate. The rider must test his Leadership after digging up some scrap.

Anyway this is a bit exiting and I just cant wait to paint those minis. Dok Biskap has a small serjery on the hillside where he tends to those who survive the pub brawls and those who are a bit more reckless with their personal health. All Weirdboyz carry a Weirdboy Staff which they can use in combat and is factored into their cost. They show up on eBay now and then.

GorkaMorka Roster Sheets

Scrap counters used in this way provide no additional income for the mob. The Doc has the decency not to ask for any teef for his work, but a new Boar will cost 4 teef.

If failed, it swerves and moves D6″ forward. It usually takes an Ork at least one hand to keep his Boar going in vaguely the right direction, so Gunz may not be used from a Boar, except by Herderz. Starting level for Wildboyz. The beast counts as having no driver for this turn see pg. I was also an avid Necromunda player. The beast lumbers along, directed by reigns and having large platforms attached to it by whatever means necessary, even by forcing the pieces through the skin until they stay put.


It was written at some point before but seems to have been salvaged from either a previous version of his site or an offline document. Remember our Frankenork scenario from six years ago?

GorkaMorka Roster Sheets – svenbloodhowl

This document was written by Tim Peers. This acts as a conductor for the Waaagh!!! They would do what they had been trained to do, in the name of their Emperor and for his glory. It was awkward but we toster a lot of fun. A Necrons can indeed run and charge, just as in 40K2E.

Experimental | The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site

Fizzing with the power of da Waaagh!! If failed, roll on the Rampage table. For the enterprising mid-level mob, Abak rosrer a few task he can send them on and the rewards for these could be substantial. Can spanner use weapon like slugga or six shoota?