Répondez aux questions, en ajoutant une préposition si nécessaire, et cliquez sur Correct. Notez qu’il y a aussi une leçon sur l’infinitif et le gérondif. Forum Exercices anglais: Emploi du gérondif/Exercice. Gérondif: “Alfric enjoys amazing his friends with diagrams of long, Infinitive & Gerund I, II, III – infinitif ou gérondif – exercice interactif + leçon (e-anglais).

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I haven’t studied English grammar for 30 years I remember locking the door last night on leaving the premises.

Verbal form being preceded, in present use, by the preposition in and expressing a circumstance which accompanies the action stated by the main verb. I regret speaking to my colleagues so harshly at last night’s meeting.

Can’t judge a honey by lookin’ at the bee.

Infinitif/Gérondif – exercices

I regret having been rude to her. I’ll be lounging on the couch just chillin in my snuggie Voici quelques remarques liminaires. Gerund as subject of sentence and imperatives film-english.

Avendo avuto, ayant eu.

GERONDIF | Français | Pinterest | French grammar, Teaching french and Worksheets

The other two are participles and infinitives. Lessons – Interactive exercises – Songs. This knife is only for cutting bread. To obtain geronduf informations of this organization is like getting blood out of a stone. I think this exercise is well worth doing. Vagabondages linguistiques d …. French words that begin with g.


As far as sentence construction, this is a possessive used before a gerund. Comparing Gerunds, Participles and Infinitives – with examples owl.

Verbes au gérondif

Je vous propose de traduire les phrases suivantes. She gave up complaining about being unemployed, and decided to create her own business. A corkscrew is a bottle opening tool. The fact Jean refuse to give his arm to Marie is somewhat surprising, don’t you see that?


Infinitif/Gérondif – exercices

Speaking, writing and watching a short video Topic: Are you looking forward to the weekend? Forgetting to use number twelve is a rather silly error, don’t you think? Far from being the end of that story, it was only the beginning. Far from being the end of this story, that wast just the beginning.

The definition of gerund in the dictionary is the declining form of the infinitive, when it is neither subject nor direct object.

Discover all that is hidden in the words on. Lessons – Interactive exercises – Cartoons – Songs. Here are some pages that may interest you: It isn’t necessary to say I didn’t crib from the two predecessors,you can see my wavering English language.


Cus in my castle I’m the freakin man I couldn’t keep myself from cracking up when I saw him in that getup. In English, the name Jean is usually ferondif woman’s name so I decided to use the English equivalent so as not to create ambiguity.

Far from the end of this story was just the beginning.

No, I ain’t gonna cumb my hair Cus I ain’t going anywhere” azlyrics. We also share information about the use of the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Pre-intermediate A2 – Intermediate B1 Learner type: Cela vous permettra de consulter vos livres de grammaire. Was it worth seeing? I may be wrong, but I believe that not using the possessive before the gerund turns “refusing” into a participle.