Visit to get updates or use the included Stardock Central program to receive Manual: Read the online version of the documentation. That’s enough to feed 10 million people, according to the manual. None of my other planets have lots of farms either, so where is this food. There’s a galciv2 subforum, plus the galatic civilizations 2 website .. If so, wouldn’t it be better to just set the slider low and manually set.

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Not like it changes anything, but we are obligated to inform you that we are using cookies – well, we just did. I played GalCiv II a while back on an older computer but since then have lost both computer and disk. First, go to the Edit My Characters page on the metaverse, and make sure that you have a default character selected.

Why does the first post not have the latest patch version that is in the download directory? Hi, I want my game to disable galfiv2 automatic designing of new ships, ala Sid Meyer’s alpha centauri.

Keeper of the change mannual, spreadsheet and file archive. To get technical support for your game contact our support galcvi2. Even if you don’t fully understand what it does, it’s not a big deal on the default difficulty since no one else really seems to know what they’re doing either. Reply June 9, 1: Big things I’ve learned but remember I’m only starting myself so some of this could be misleading: I have found that double clicking a rally point in space when nothing else is around it will bring galcjv2 a dialog allowing you to disband it.


Here are some sale highlights: Well, kinda, I am able to win diplomatic victories but only as the Humans. Quoting MabusAltarn, reply There’s a folder that contains all the change longs. Trade to win with the boil the frog aspects.

Galactic Civilizations II

See command line options. It put me to sleep and often annoyed me. I had the exact same problem. The first time I started, it did say that my video card and drivers were not as good as they should be, but it shows the cinematic anyway, so it probably isn’t my video card. The ‘default’ button will be lit next to the default character; click the dimmed ‘default’ button by another character to change the default character.

Is it better to use buildings for it or sliders? Map features — Durantium, Elerium, and Antimatter are now on the map, waiting to be harvested by your starbases. The original Galactic Civilizations hits Steam.


Your name or email address: Focus on the mission objectives. The file archive folder, hosted by MabusAltarn.

Feb 9, Messages: You can ask questions here, and check back later for a response. Reply June 6, 1: Is there a way to see that information about my race in one place? I just installed the game today and it has not worked correctly once.

Beautiful 3D engine brings planets, stars, asteroids and ship battles to life. Stardock Closed for the Holidays.

Gal Civ 2 Ultimate for beginners

Sorry, my only tip is to not play it. Oh is there a way to watch the tutorials outside of the game?

Gamers must balance their economic, technological, diplomatic, cultural, and military power to forge alliances, fight wars, and ultimately dominate the galaxy. I like Distant Worlds Universe, just not got to play that much so far.