“Un veac de singurătate”, capodopera care l-a propulsat pe Gabriel García Márquez pe orbita celebrităţii internaţionale şi i-a adus premiul Nobel (), este. May 30, Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Un veac de singuratate -. Un veac de singuratate face parte dintr-o categorie rara de carti, Scriitorul columbian Gabriel Garcia Marquez a murit joi la vârsta de 87 de.

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Academics and their students that are forced to read it. In the small town of Macondo, weird things happen all the timeand nobody really notices. The future Colonel Aureliano falls in love with her, despite her extreme youth. One hundred years of solitude Gabriel Garcia Marquez 5 epic stars of heartbreak and re. He did nothing short of launching a new gabriwl of literary address: As personalidades de todos podem ser descritas por uma palavra: On an uber-disturbing note, Marquez has once again as he did in Love in the Time of Cholera written a grown man having sex with a girl as young as The book was intriguing.

Don’t worry, deep breath, you’ll get used to it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. With three-dimensional characters rather than two-dimensional ones, this could have been a fabulous book.

But this somewhat longer review is more a labour of love than a coherent attempt to review his opus. It is not long before fateful human activity mars the innocent beauty of creation. And may God be with you. Now why wouldn’t he? The was roughly how I felt after reading this book. Although the book gets high praise from most readers, it is to be expected that some readers would take a disliking to the basic ingredients from which Marquez draws his style and narrative devices.


He becomes an iconic revolutionary leader, fighting for many years and surviving multiple attempts on his life, but ultimately becomes tired of war and signs a peace treaty with the Conservatives.

His name echoes Melchizedek in the Old Testament, whose source of authority as a high priest was mysterious. It sunguratate me that we are forever longing for what we do not have, until we get what we gaarcia for.

Yasmin Nawer Aline wrote: For years the town is solitary and unconnected to the outside world with the exception of the annual visit of a band of gypsies, who show the townspeople technology such as magnetstelescopes and ice. Then again, he also used to re-read Ulysses for fun, which just goes to show that you should never take book advice from someone whose IQ is more than 30 points higher than your own.

In Macondo, gold represents solitude and bad luck. These things just happen. Such as, you know, dialogue.

Un veac de singurătate

They lack the ability for introspective reflection and so bumble from one crisis to the next but never confront the inimical content of themselves with any awareness. I want to invest in the characters. View all 80 comments. Between the prose and magical realism and a memorable story for the ages, One Hundred Years of Solitude is an epic, genre changing, extraordinary novel. Best reviews I found on GR: His condensation of and lackadaisical manner in describing events causes the extraordinary to seem less remarkable than it actually is, thereby perfectly blending the real with the magical.

Meme remains mute for the rest of her life, partially because of the trauma, but also as a sign of rebellion. Eventually Macondo becomes exposed to the outside world and the government of newly-independent Colombia.


Un veac de singurătatedar fără Marquez | Iulia Badea-Guéritée |

After his mysterious and untimely death, she lives in seclusion for the rest of her life. The air was so damp that fish could have come in through the doors and swum out the windows. One Hundred Years of Solitude. Stylistically, Harold Bloom remarked that “My primary impression, in the act of rereading One Hundred Years of Solitudeis a kind of aesthetic battle fatigue, since every page is rammed full of life beyond the capacity of any single reader to absorb It’s hard to keep track of the characters, at times mainly because they are all named Jose Arcadio or Aurelianobut a family tree at the beginning of my edition was helpful.

I like to be moved either to anger or excitement. One Hundred Years of Solitude is the first piece of literature since the Book of Genesis that should be required reading for the entire human race. View all 13 comments.

How does one describe the techniques and themes of the book without making it sound absurdly complicated, labored singuratwte almost impossible to read. On Thursday he appeared in the workshop again with the painful look of plowed ground.