FreeOCR is a Windows OCR program including the Windows compiled Tesseract free ocr engine. It includes a Windows installer and It is very simple to use and. Easy Screen OCR (portable) can turn images or screenshots into editable text quickly. FreeOCR is a good scan and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program which lets you extract text from scanned PDF documents. Alternatively, try Free for an online OCR solution. Windows Portable Apps.

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Newsletter signup Enter your email address: Your review for FreeOCR. Has anyone tried version 2. Having to download the supplementary software first might feel a bit intimidating.

Be careful not to select the similarly worded Run From My Computer entry on the drop-down instead.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents

Also, this free option allows for converting up to 15 documents per hour. Look for the Installation Options tab in the top left of the box on your screen this should be the default tab the program takes you to.

Personally, I prefer the Abbyy product which is much more elegant and flexible allowing you, for example, to define specific character sets which can enhance the accuracy of the document. I heard of them before, but I did not use it.

Download FreeOCR

December 30, – Just make sure to verify results although it would be faster if you transcribed the whole text yourself. If at first you do not succeed, use more sticky tape.


VMMap Dec 13, Over million app downloads. After that, click Filethen Open and find your portabble document. I always used any scanner and sometimes a digital camera, with bith programs.

I know there was already some talking about it. Does OminPage read handwritten text? It supports Chinese just downloading the language in preferences Japanese and a myriad of languages [Broken Link Removed]. You should avoid them.

It took me a lot of time to find the best solution. Mar 31st, Freeware. And, depending on your use, you may frweocr even have to OCR documents at all. Another big player is IRIS, whose products are are geared towards “productivity” rather than for accuracy.

Google Play Chrome Extension Free access your library of media from your browser.

Protable far as all the speach and sound addons in it, well I would agree that it would be better to try to improve the recognition quality then add such gadgets most people will probably never use anyway. The user interface is standard, and there are no special features to be found here.

I will recommend it to other user. I believe that Google Docs does. Google will keep your original image at the top of the document, and automatically create editable text using OCR below it.

FreeOCR Portable 4.2 – Accurate and Free OCR Software

May 14, – 3: I’d tried Gocr and it’s really bad. I use GTText also. May 12, – 2: Drive instructions are beyond outdated. I’d tried Top OCR and it’s quality is little better but really far than good I’d tried some online service and it’s, if possible, worse. Thinstalled Applications have often been illegally packaged without permission from the authors. You might try SoftWriting, which has a free trial: I was very pleased with the results of using this great program!

  EPK I7000 PDF

Not sure what product to buy, do you know if I can upgrade from Sprint and if it is cheaper to complete version of finereader? At now only Abby fine reader and OmniPage can give significan usable results.

Microsoft also offers support for OCR, but only for Windows users. You should ask this question in MakeUseOf Answers: User reviews about FreeOCR.

Apparently it isn’t designed for handwritten text, so it may not be the ideal solution. Next, open the Google Drive website and upload your file into the application. Don’t leave without your download!

Basically, any files already there need to be selected and “Downloaded” This goes for all Office fteeocr as well as PDF’s.

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It does OCR on files of scanned pages. Install now to protect your privacy. March 28, – 7: Although it was the same text displayed in lowercase and uppercase, the two results were completely different, and the symbols were not accurate either.

Does OmniPage read handwritten text? Be sure to scan text ay X DPI. Here’s the official answer to your question:.

I like it as it works with my scanner and OCR is quick. May 14, – 6: