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Got it, continue to print. Page Index Towing the vehicle on four Using an iPod Press and hold the desired pre-set button B until a single chime sounds to confirm.

Original Ford Owner’s Manuals

The covers galasy Signs of wear with some spots of staining on a few interior pages but the rest are in great condition. This is located under the front passenger seat.

Ford Falcon and Fairlane 8 Cyl 72 – Festiva – Reversing lamp, fog lamp and tail lamp E 3. Loosen the handwheel and remove it anchor points 1. Secure fodr load bracket with four screws.

Highlight Tyre Pressures with the 4. E Rear window wiper blades E E Install in the reverse order.

Owner’s manuals

Lighting Central high mounted brake Number plate lamp lamp Galaxy E 1. When not in use, insert the key into the storage position D to the right of the handwheel. Forc Appendices E Alarm If the type approval of your alarm is talaxy, refer to the following official test numbers.


Page 51 Wipers and washers Lift the wiper arms. Remote control If the type approval of your remote control is inspected, refer to the following table. Seats Adjusting the seatback E E 1.

Ford Galaxy Owner’s Handbook Manual

Mondeo – Got one to sell? In cold or Outside air humid weather conditions, direct some of the air towards the windscreen and the Keep the air intakes forward of the door windows. Ford service book with 6 Ford garage stamps. Adaptive cruise control ACC CAUTION Warnings may be triggered late, be absent or triggered unnecessarily if the traffic situation means that the radar sensor cannot accurately detect a vehicle in front.

The driver should stay alert and intervene if necessary.

Ford is currently the second-largest U. Remove the protecting cap 1. Information displays Type 2 Press the up and down arrow galay on the steering wheel to scroll through the trip computer displays. Galaxy – It will be red or amber depending on the severity of the Type 3 message and will remain on until the Page Load carrying E E Behind the front seats Behind the second row seats Installing the dog guard E E Bar for installing the hanbdook guard behind the front seats Bar for installing the dog guard behind the second row seats Do not wear thick clothing.


Ford Galaxy Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Carefully release the spring clip. This feature can be used to dial a handboo by calling up the name instead of the full phone galaxj. Contour – On vehicles with manual of the trailer, the vehicle and trailer may transmission, if the gear lever is in neutral roll backwards slightly when you move off when you release the clutch pedal and Refuelling This could damage the the accessories fitted and towing etc.

Attach the bar C or D to the luggage 1.

Lower the bonnet and hanndbook it to drop from under its own weight for the last 20 — ESP malfunction Stability control has malfunctioned. We are a main dealer for our franchised vehicles.

Page Maintenance E Raise the bonnet slightly and gaoaxy the E catch towards the left-hand side of the Open the bonnet and support it with the vehicle. For example “Ford3” Connecting an iPod without an extension. Page Index Engine immobiliser Starting the engine Cold or hot engine 2.

More refinements More refinements It is armed Your vehicle may be equipped with one directly when you lock the vehicle.