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Overview Compressed gas cylinders are used in many workplaces to store gases that vary from extremely flammable acetylene to extremely inert helium.

If the side panels can be opened, always checked they are closed tightly before starting any work. Don t use it for anything else! Shipping Damage is not covered by warranty. Many compressed gas cylinders are stored at extremely More information.

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Place a transparent protection glass between the mask and the welding area. Four-wire circuits require all poles and neutral open.

Rimer result would not only cause warranty cancellation but also high danger risks. The weld current identifies the diameter and the type of electrode that can be used.

The power cable supplied with the welder should not be extended but, if that becomes necessary, either an identical or greater cross-section cable should be used according to the final cable length.

The unit contains no user serviceable More information. In the event of any queries about the device, please quote all the details given on the rating plate.


fimer inverter

The presence of these materials may have, if not disposed properly, potential adverse affects on the environment. Please note that some of the contact details on this PDF document may not be current. All warranty provisions will immediately become null and void if any repair, or attempt to repair, not specifically authorized in writing or handled by the constructor is carried out.

If it does not operate properly or overheats, the electricity supply should be removed immediately and the unit should be returned to the supplier for repair. If you are obliged to weld a cistern, ALWAYS passivate it by filling it with sand or a similar inert substance before starting any work. The constructor declines all responsibility for injury or damage caused by inexperienced, improper or neglectful use of its equipment. Also check that the plug provided with the unit is compatible with the local power grid socket.

Check the Welder s side panels are securely fastened. Please read before installation More information. Do not install the Welder in dusty environments. La presencia de estos materiales puede tener si no se eliminan adecuadamente cualquier posible efecto adverso sobre el medio ambiente.

For natural gas safety tips please see ActewAGL s natural. Never tamper with the power cable. If any damage has occurred document it with the trucking company immediately.

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Safety precautions 3 B. No part of this manual may be translated into another language, adapted or reproduced with any means including scanned documents, photocopies, film and microfilm without the prior written consent of the manufacturer. If you perform More information. Hot Water Urns all models Helpline instructions. Technical Product Information No. Technical data 4 C. Check that the air-intake grills on the front, back and sides of the welder are not clogged.


You can then do a better and safer job. A workman must look after his tools carefully! Start display at page:. Write the product s More information. Read, understand and observe all safety warnings to avoid damage from arc rays.

The outline can be used to review the program fmer conducting More information. For safety reasons, the pump can only be operated by. These safety precautions apply even when the unit is switched off. Indicates special instructions or general mandatory. Operating instructions in the back www. Negative Terminal Fast-Connect Plug: Each Fimer product has been designed, built and made in Italy.

The power switch must open all the power supply circuits. The safety information contained in this manual is a guide to ensure you are not subjected to unnecessary risks. The important parameters of MMA welding are the weld current and the dynamics.

Dehumidifier Users manual For Models: For further More information.