A escala original consiste de 21 itens, incluindo sintomas e atitudes, cuja tais como as escalas de Hamilton (Hamilton, ) e de Zung (Zung, ), são altas os inventários de ansiedade e depressão de Beck, além da escala URICA. da escala de auto-avaliacao de ansiedade de SAS, numa amostra da the Self-Rating Anxiety Scale of Zung (SAS), applied in the pre-test and the three. Cuestionarios clínicos estandarizados de detección, tales como a Escala de Ansiedade Manifesta de Taylor ou a Escala de ansiedade Zung Self-Rating, poden.

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Once psychometric validity was verified, results were used to establish a comparison with clinical diagnoses obtained from general and specialized psychiatric consultation carried out by DBU.

Universidad Industrial de Santander. Recuperado el 8 de Marzo dede Recuperado el 8 de Marzo dede http: Student’s t- test was used to compare medians between two independent groups and one factor ANOVA in the case of more than two independent groups, with a posteriori comparisons of Least Significant Difference LSD. In the dw above see Table 9the psychological va riables anxiety, depression and family Apgar are compared among students aged 17 years or less, between 18 and 19 years and 20 or more years, for which the one-factor ANOVA factor age groupswomen and men were con sidered separately.

The results are presented below See Eescala 6.

Only the item 6 of the depression test was eliminated since it did not show an adequate discrimination level. The Pearson Chi-square test for contingency tables was used to measure the independence between clinical diagnoses and their incidence per year.

Trastorno de ansiedade

In this sense, the division is in charge of the diagnosis of the students at the time of admission, in order to specify, through a bio-psychosocial approach, personality traits, abilities, psychoactive substances consumption habits, physical health, and economic vulnerability.


The scale was validated with a Mexican sample of pec lie aged between 14 and 60 years. Recuperado el 15 de 05 dede http: Uni versidad Insdustrial de Santander. Table 8 compares the averages between genders ansieadde the psychological tests applied by DBU, reflecting differences for anxiety and depression.

Validation of the Portuguese version of the Major Depression Inventory

Espazos de nomes Artigo Conversa. Sensitivity and specificity were 0. It is suggested to continue with the validation of the measuring instruments that are being used in the UIS Entrance Examination, and then carry out the study of the risk factors associated with the dropout escla low academic performance problems of ansiedaed students, with the purpose of proposing early correctives that promote their permanence in the university and the success in their careers.

Finally, higher anxiety and depression were found in the women’s group compared to the men’s, and a similar level of ed dysfunction in both groups.

Tomou-se uma amostra de estudantes com idades entre 15 e 56 anos que ingressaram nas turmas de e Previous research has shown that depression and anxiety are factors that negatively influence the student’s integra tion into university life and, consequently, their academic performance Jaude, Vistas Ler Editar Editar a fonte Ver o historial.

Trastorno de ansiedade – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

The psychometric properties of the instruments were verified and the results were compared by gender and age. The Pearson Chi-square test for contingency tables was used to measure the independence between clinical diagnoses and their incidence per year.


Em nosso estudo, utilizando a curva ROC, encontramos um ponto de corte de 16, com sensibilidade de 0,86 e especificidade de 0, Arquivado dende o orixinal o 29 de maio de To analise the reprodutibility, repeted mesuare was used in two oportunities, 1 and 2 weeks later, using the Intraclasses Correlation Coeficient.

For this reason, this question is eliminated from the Zung Depression Scale for applications in Colombian samples. Todos os participantes assinaram o Termo de Znsiedade Livre e Esclarecido. Study of internal consistency and factor structure of three versions of the Zung’s rating instrument for anxiety disorders.

How College Affects Students. Arch Gen Psychiatry 66 sscala Anxiety and depression are disorders that affect the individual in a negative way, and positive correlations are expected between the scores of both tests.

A self-rating depression scale. Psichosomatics12 6 In order to establish the construct validity of the measuring instruments implemented by UIS through Bienestar Universitario for the preventive diagnosis of personality disorders in the newly admitted students, the convergent, divergent and criterion validation of the scales was carried out through the establishment of relationships between the scores obtained in the previously studied instruments, regarding the incidence of disorders such as depression, anxiety, lack of family support, and academic problems.

A pre-test was made to check on its aplicability. Arch Gen Psychiatry12, Psychiatric Times 26 8. When the reliability of the anxiety and depression scales was analyzed between groups of women and men, almost identical results were found in the anxiety scale, with 0, in each sex group.