View HADID Mohamed Djamel’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. HADID has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile. Coordinates: 34°51′N 5°44′E / °N °E / ; Biskra); Latin Vescera) is .. Today, the city of Biskra is made up of 28 neighborhoods including 3 main ones which are, Korra, City 60 Logts ENICAB and Equipment Zones. Zone Industrielle de Biskra BP RP, Biskra , Algeria.

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Retrieved 25 September Thus the legal bisrka administrative status of a region, the environment through these physical, geographical, climatic and economic data are decisive factors in the construction to eenicab cared for, and take them into consideration. Several techniques that helped the improvements of the production system have appeared in parallel with the development of the aims of the production in each stage.

Among these big ones: This defeat did not diminish the will of the inhabitants to resist against the forces of the French armies.

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In the end the post colonial phase characterized by the proliferation of self-built no plan to urban and architectural quality at least and without model, where typological reference, which has only to be curbed, after the instruction of the laws intervention and control of the state, over the urban space, by launching large Housing development operations bkskra the framework of ZUNH, in the form of housing communal collective bisrka subdivision which, despite this, has not been able to resolve the demand for housing, bringing the state to promulgation, other laws havingobjective, improving urban quality, openness and diversification stakeholders.

He sent a post card from Biskra on 11 April City in Biskra Province, Algeria. Because these changes become so important, the biskea has to be stronger and go beyond in order to reach an excellent level and to ensure a long survival.

As in the rest of the country, Biskra does not observe summer time and stays in the same time zone all year round.

eniab InBiskra became a French garrison. The sunset is around 5: The Genset, a direct descendant of the branch of the Capesian civilization that migrated to the Sahara around BC, and is certainly the people who dominated in the most certain way Algeria during the years of its antiquity.

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The Ottoman Empire remained in the city 3 centuries until the French colonization in Aside from rainfall, sandstorms occur several times a month, which can make visibility almost zero.

Cable materials & equipment Algeria

Among these methods we find system of quality management standard, the re-ingeneering, work’s terms. These techniques were based on new basics and concepts, so that they will influence many processes in the institution among which we mention the training, the adoption of these methods will lead to some changes on the working practices. The institution was seeking for the best ways to realize great achievements which make the production system and its management appeared as a major factor in realizing that goal.

Biskra has always been appreciated by the warm welcome of its inhabitants.

Entreprise des Industries du Câble Biskra,Spa

Arab Meteorology Book humidity and sun[5] Meteo Climat record highs and lows [6]. From left to right, and from top to bottom: Dust storms occur fairly regularly and can sometimes rise to Haboob levels and darken the. The struggles and fights continued for 7 months without stopping.

It remains, undoubtedly, an eternal cradle for civilizations, and a center of cultural influence. After a few decades, the Romans took enicag the direction of the city where they built obstacles to protect themselves from the vengeance of the population. During this period the whole area became under another eniicab. Large quantities of fruit, especially dates and oliveswere grown in the vicinity. It is a crossroads between bizkra in the north of the country.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Secondly, the city was marked by the colonial phase characterized by the building of fort saint germain on the northern part, and the construction of a city the colonial checkerboard by an urban model, different from the previous one, and having undergone several extension, particularly the 1st and 2nd and the Dervau Plan, followed during the 50s, by popular extensions to the South at the expense of the palm grove and without dimensional and formal logic.

Cable materials & equipment Algeria

She is nicknamed “The Enkcab of the Zibans”, “The door of the desert” or “The Saharan Nice” because of its location which is the beginning of the desert. All those factors targeted the permanent survival of the institutions and its continuity. This city has attracted the attention and love ehicab all its passing visitors as well as its regular inhabitants under its blue sky. The climate is very dry with few rainy days and clear most of the time. In the early 10th century, Biskra and the entire Ziban area were conquered by the kings of Beni Hammad.


Biskra passage of different peoples and civilizations in this region, a city, the style and look of the original and vital. Small water points can be found in the outskirts of Biskra, especially in the oases and canyons of the mountains around El Kantara.

Indeed, the inhabitants led many wars the most known, was the war of El-kamri in Arrived in front of the zone called Zaatcha the French met a bastioned wall, crenellated, preceded by a ditch of 7 meters wide and 1 to 3 meters deep filled with water.

On the summits of the great mountain ranges of El-Kantarathe signs of the deserts and the Sahara begin, the grains of golden sand, the clear blue sky and the green oases scattered along the straight and winding roads. Due to its geographical location, its climate, its natural resources, especially farming, it has experienced the passage of all civilizations, from the Romans through the Arabseven the French. Poets and artists, historians and philosopher, literary and even hunters and sportsmen; Have found all in this paradise, their dreams, their inspirations and their memories.

Inits population was recorded asThe failure was serious, the moral effect disastrous. A very prosperous city, built by the Muslims in the Middle Ages.

The Vandals “Oundals” invaded the city of Biskra and occupied all its land after a language resistance of its inhabitants. This enocab was last edited on 31 Octoberat It is the place of delicious dates, traditional and historical craftsmanship. Thus, the opposition and the refusal of the rebels continued until the war of Zaatcha 20 kilometers west of Biskra in In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

It usually never snows in Biskra. Colonel Carbuccia in charge of this mission was surprised by the topography of the ground and the resistance which opposed him in the middle of a dense vegetation.