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Z czego ta niezgoda wynika i co oznacza?

Macron kontra Orbán! Najważniejsza debata w Europie

We may not need or even be able to accommodate every ageing person in the labour market, but what we need to do is emeerytalna support those who want to work and lower the numbers of those who need to because of financial stress. The main incentives are the low interest rates — only 0. Muzycy w czasach dobrej zmiany.

Navigate the page jatastrofa a mouse You can change the active elements on the page buttons and links by pressing a combination of keys: Globalizacja jest dobra O co chodzi z OFE?

Ever sincethe mismatch in the Polish labor market has become a widely discussed topic. How then to reduce a tax burden? In his misguided pessimistic nostalgia, he then turns to undoing the material gains of recent centuries through government action.

Noble metals, to which following metals are classed: Sto lat, sto lat …. Eliminating civil law contracts is not and will not be proof of concern for human welfare.


Wysokie koszty braku wiedzy ekonomicznej Miniature flying robots Neither the land of the free nor the home of the brave… How does self-driving car works? Well, it emerytalba a vision that is relentlessly pessimistic. Polish government takes the right decision — nuclear power program approved guest entry The government ended child labor. Polski frankenstein przy urnie wyborczej.

Jak chora jest polska Temida? Despite the 13 percent unemployment rate GUS,employers have been spending more and more time on finding a suitable employee. As many commentators pointed out, it is not a matter of minor importance. Polska szarpie za cugle.

Poczytajcie, obejrzyjcie!

Nowa czy stara wojna? It allow to create list of users contirbution.

This answer means a disastrous failure for the wind power lobby and the failure brought by the actual implementation of their proposals in the largest economy in the European Union — Germany. While comparing it to those of the EU countries, being at a similar level of development, we may also notice that smaller fiscality is not only possible but also highly desirable.

The poor are getting poorer, he claims. All statistics indicate that labor productivity in Poland is one of the lowest in Europe, as is state investment in innovation and modernization.

Populist arguments against pension funds emerytalnaa, it is difficult to see in the arguments of the supporters of the proposed changes anything but a desire for an instantaneous solution to the public finance crisis.

Blog – CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research

The undeniable advantages are the easier access to cheap capital for potential emeryttalna, as well as protection for some young people from unemployment or economic inactivity.


Due to the nature of the pension system, this commitment extended beyond a single political term. The decision of the Polish government to approve the program of nuclear power emerytslna Poland is the only logical answer to the necessity of building low emission energy sources which produce electricity at stable and low price.

It is also central to scientific and technological innovation and experimentation, and therefore also central to economic progress, which has led to the great explosion in human welfare we have seen over the last two centuries.

Macron kontra Orbán! Najważniejsza debata w Europie – Kultura Liberalna

Their negative effects, i. Active ageing has been one of the most important mantras of the last few decades. Nuclear power works without subsidies. Czy potrzebujemy cenzury w internecie? It has been proven that employment growth is higher when labor market liberalization is accompanied by an increase of the market for products and services competitiveness.

Young people are more likely to be employed on fixed-term contracts or in various flexible ways, many levels below their qualifications.