Alexander Pope, Works (London: W. Bowyer for Bernard Lintot, ). E and E and E and E Fisher Rare Book Library. Eloisa to Abelard has ratings and 17 reviews. Simona said: Reading this is like seeing words bleed to death at the hands of an then, to. Dive deep into Alexander Pope’s Eloisa to Abelard with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion.

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The first volume of this contained a biographical essay and Latin-based versions of the letters, followed in the second by a dialogue between translations of Pope and of French imitations.

It features a nun rapt in contemplation, her face lit alezander the grated window above, who is sitting at a table on which are a bible, rosary, skull and hourglass.

At least Heloise has the memories to remind her that she is still alive. Experience the birth of the modern novel, or compare the development of language using dictionaries and grammar discourses. So I read it again, this time aloud, and this time I truly sang it. George Wakefield made one as an undergraduate exercise near the start of the s.

Both then led comparatively successful monastic careers. Thank you ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ for letting me come across it: Reading this is like seeing words bleed to death at the hands of an angel. Artistic depictions of the poem’s themes were often reproduced as prints illustrating the poem; there were also paintings in France of the women readers of the amorous correspondence between the lovers.

Now f The 18th century was a wealth of knowledge, exploration and rapidly growing technology and expanding record-keeping made possible by advances in the printing press. Ah noin sacred vestments may’st thou stand, The hallow’d taper trembling in thy hand, Present the cross before my lifted eye, Teach me at once, and learn of me to plpe.


If one loves like Eloisa, one loves truly. Translations of varying levels of faithfulness appeared across Europe, starting in the s and reaching a peak towards the end of the abelatd century and the start of the 19th.

Jan 12, Radoslav Gramatikov rated it it was amazing. Since they were of French origin, interest in the story of Eloise and Abelard there predated that in Britain.

Eloisa to Abelard

He had, however, a recently published source to inspire him and guide his readers. Set up in the backdrop of the 12th century, this masterpiece of a work by Alexander Pope, depicts the misery of Eloisa within the confines of a monastery. Return to Book Page. In its later editions the dependency between the two was further underlined by the inclusion first of Pope’s poem from and then some of the principal responses in following editions.

Alexander Pope is generally regarded as the greatest English poet of the eighteenth century, best known for his satirical verse and for his translation of Homer. The lines are drenched with regret and melancholic reminiscence, hoping for a future which will never come since the lovers’ fates have already been sealed.

It’s so like Alexander Pope but this particular one carries meanings that could alter a person’s thoughts and believes about love as a great meaning to existence From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lovely, and unexpectedly Gothic in its glooms; would be worth revisiting, especially in context with Keats. One of the most poignant poems I have ever read!

It is also a rare example of a eloiaa being allowed her own voice without male intervention.

Eloisa to Abelard – Wikiquote

The poem is a surging monologue of enlaced rhymes in octosyllablesdriving along its theme of leaving earthly zbelard behind and transmuting it to heavenly love. Furthermore, a print of the painting was later used to illustrate the line “What means this tumult in a Vestal’s veins” in an edition of the poem, carrying the same message of erotic alexaner.


Whether this was deliberate or not, some sixteen imitations and parodies of his poem had been written by the end of the century, all but two of them cast as Abelard’s reply to Eloisa and written in heroic couplets.

This was The Letters of Abelard and Heloise: Jul 15, Mariam Okasha rated it it was amazing.

Melancholy is mentioned in its third line and recurs later, suitably inspired by a Gothic landscape of gloomy forest, overhanging crags, tottering aisles and ancient tombs. Furthermore, “since an author of an Abelard to Eloisa would presuppose for his readers a thorough knowledge of Pope’s poem, the many replies are evidence of the popularity of Eloisa to Abelard and are evidence, also, of its importance as a literary force.

The more popular English treatments of the Eloisa and Abelard story, particularly the poems by Pope and Cawthorn, continued to be reprinted in the opening decades of the 19th century, bringing fresh imitations in their wake.

Cory rated it it was ok Oct 31, But it’s worse if you had the chance but were too afraid to try. By contrast, some French paintings deriving from the poem feature erotic rather than spiritual rapture as their theme. It was very weird.