Anhelo de Vivir La Vida de Vincent Van Gogh by Irving Stone, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Anhelo de vivir: la vida de Vincent Van Gogh. Front Cover. Irving Stone. Altaya, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Anhelo de vivir. Anhelo de vivir: La vida de Vincent Van Gogh / Longing to Live: The Life of Vincent Van Gogh. Front Cover. Irving Stone. Editorial Planeta.

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And what do we have to show for it? Open Preview See a Problem? I didn’t like him by reading it, but I did understand more about why he cut off his ear, and why he committed suicide.

I read dear Theo at the same time and perhaps it colored my view of this fictional interpretation of Van Gogh’s life. The row of oleander bushes in the back yard of the yellow house went raving mad, flowering so riotously that they might well have developed locomotor ataxia. Sometimes the book hits its stride, sometimes it’s melodramatic and utterly pedantic there’s a ridiculous dream-scene where Van Gogh meets the feminine symbol of art, Maya, and they both express their love for each other.

I also kept stopping to look up all the paintings he did and all of the painters he was friends with and their paintings!

He had drifted too much, knocked about without rhyme or reason. Where the novel lost me was any time Van Gogh was obsessed with a woman. He could not seem to love those that loved him and took advantage of his dear brother and the women who loved him. I was going to gripe SO HARD about this book until the very last “author’s notes” when I realized the book was published in and Irving Stone actually got first hand accounts of people who actually knew Van Gogh.


Although this is a biography, it’s usually found under “fiction” in bookstores and libraries. When at home, Stone anheelo upon the research facilities and expertise made available to him by Esther Euler InStone received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

Anhelo de vivir by Irving Stone. Read “Lust for Life” with a large grain of salt and a book of Van Gogh’s artworks within reach. Whenever there was a girl in his life, I went from feeling sympathetic to hating him.

Stone’s main source for Lust for Life, as noted in the afterword, were Van Stobe letters to his brother Theo.

But maybe he was. I was so annoyed and wanted to yell at him to stop being to selfish and such a taker and just work for himself!

Anhelo de Vivir La Vida de Vincent Van Gogh

Now how much of this is actually true? Books by Irving Stone. Le cose migliorano un po’ dal soggiorno a Parigi in avanti, ma che fatica. I found it amazing that his brother, Theo, was so generous and supportive of Vincent.

The writing style left much to be desired, Stone was drawing from letters though so that might have played a part. They mistrusted and were afraid of him because he was different, even though he did them no harm and asked only to be let alone.

Anhelo de vivir: la vida de Vincent Van Gogh – Irving Stone – Google Books

Stone additionally did much of his research “in the field”. Without Theo, Vincent would have basically starved himself and never created anything. By using this site, you agree iving the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I knew little about Van Gogh, aside from Starry Night basically, so everything about his life was knew to me. By the end of the book, it became apparent that neither of Vincent nor Theo could live without the Vincent van Gogh is considered one of the fathers of modern art.

What a whiny brat VGV turns out to be. The author did a nice job considering what he was going off of. He had a very interesting life. Since it was written entirely from Van Gogh’s view of the world, I would like to know what other people felt and how they saw Van Gogh. Now I’ll go back with reading his letters; maybe they will show the true colours of his personality like his art does.


For the last five years that I have been in paintings, Van Gogh was always my go to painter whose life stroy as well as the paintings seemed the closest and dearest.

I felt sorry for Theo for loving him so much. The saving grace lies in the simple fact that the protagonist happens to be one of the greatest artists of all time. The novel is mostly based on the many letters Van Gogh wrote his brother, Theo, and the result is a powerful testament to brotherhood. It eel probable that Vincent’s letters to and from his own brother Theo provided a foundation for Adversary in the House.

The room irvinb burst from excitement. Stone wanted to explain Van Gogh’s difficult life and how he began, flourished, and died as a painter. But overall, the book was kinda average. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Few authors have this sort of impact. Constantly seco Little bit of difficulty getting through the book because of some pacing issues. Trivia About Lust for Life. If “These painter’s fingers of mine grow supple,” he thought, “even though the carcass is going to pieces. There’s enough spark of life in his letters to inspire both the beauty and tragedy behind his legacy for years to come.