“Eigenbeleg”. You need to inform the tax office (“Finanzamt”) about the fee as part of your earnings (“Einnahmen”) when submitting your tax declaration. Steuerbelege verloren – mit Eigenbeleg & Co Sanktionen vermeiden statt oder hakt der Sachbearbeiter im Finanzamt bei einem Ausgabenposten in der. Tuesday, 31 July Site Map · Privacy Policy · Terms & Conditions · Contact Us · My Account · facebook20 · twitter20 · web-logo.

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I’d assumed that it was, and that I didn’t need to do any more. No, for your tax return, you do your simple profit calculation even handwritten, on a piece of paperfill in your tax forms with said profit, attach that simple paper calculation that you did on your own and send that – and only that – in an envelope to the Finanzamt. Sorry, but that won’t work. But that’s a situation where I would recommend that you get some professional tax advice.

I only have peripheral and hearsay knowledge about these things, but afaik, you just pay and they unfreeze your account right away. I have spent considerable money for legal verification of my marriage certificate to get family re-union visa for my spouse. Just to be on the safe side and because this has happened before, see post in this very thread:. Yes, and what do you think will happen now they have the freezing order because of a BG Verkehr debt, i.

But thank you as well to everyone that asked good questions here in this sigenbeleg My company arranged for my family health insurance India and deducted amount from my German salary.

Übernachtungsteuer (City Tax) –

You are only allowed eigenbelrg claim deductions for business expenses, but you can argue that you wouldn’t have earned money if you hadn’t moved here. Du bist ein Engel You apply for following percentage: What is the documentation required to prove the move s?


My eogenbeleg has knee problem and mother spondilitis, so stating these 2 can I again explain him that they cannot work any more and have to survive with my money. Since you’re self-employed the Finanzamt can come along at any point of time within the next 10 years and audit all your invoices, bank statements, etc.

Also, I was not working on the house every single day that I was over there that is, I didn’t work full-time from Monday to Friday, because I often had other unrelated things to sort out and I certainly had weekends off.

It’s going to take me a while to do all that, as I’m currently in eigenbeleb bit of a pickle I wondered whether if I explained this to the Finanzamtthey might give me a little more time to reply. Because I work from client office, I use my company given laptop to do some official things from home. Since you bought it, you attach the notariellen Kaufvertrag: Only the rent for a separate office would lower your finanzamr.

If you did send them that signed summary, then call them up look up the phone number associated with the first letters of your surname here and ask:. Thanks for the response it helps a lot, there was a guy who showed up to my place from the haupzollamt but not about the taxes it was about some road insurance from bg werkehr even though they sent me a letter back in i emailed them and called them but they seem to have forgotten or don’t care.

Or must they as you say, from on state explicitly what they want me to send them? How would i know if i had a arrest warrant? As you indicated, I guess it valid to claim.

And so I waited until January.

Tax on house sales (capital gains)

So being without his wife meant he had nobody to cook for him and they gave this daily flat rate to compensate him for this additional expense until finally his wife joins him fianzamt saves him from restaurant meals. You have many years of experience of the German tax system fiinanzamt its Beamte: Just to be on the safe side and because this has happened before, see post in this very thread: Of course I’m hoping that I can get away with sending them just what you’ve written above and a copy of each Kaufvertrag.


The rest of page 1 is grand but after that I get confused and could use some help. I will do, and maybe even AOK as well.

Übernachtungsteuer (City Tax)

If you have lost an invoice you are allowed to write on a blank piece of paper, e. Their tax is fixed and the case is over with. Hello again, Panda, and thanks for the quick reply. Yes, you can, in principle. Register a new account. The problem is that he hasn’t submitted a tax return like I told him to, he has just filled in some questionnaires that are sent out automatically by the Finanzamt in the case of the sale of real estate, and which are meant to jar people into action to submit the tax return.

From post it seems this is only applicable if you had dual household eitenbeleg

Tax on house sales (capital gains) – Page 3 – Finance – Toytown Germany

My father and mother has no assests and no income and their expenses are eur permonth each. Register a new account. If not, please read: For the flat rental, we used an agency.