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Definizione di gioco, regole di un gioco, rappresentazione dei giochi, dominanza, equilibrio di Nash, giochi in strategie continue, i giochi sequenziali. Insegnamenti online – IOL. Teaching Mode Traditional lectures.

Entrata nel mercato Capitolo 8: First we analyse briefly some of the most important concepts in microeconomics. La domanda, i costi, la massimizzazione dei profitti. School Campuses Programmes Departments. Research and Development; Networks and Standards. Introduction Microeconomics basics Horizontal concentration Vertical concentration Discrimination and differentiation linear price discrimination Non linear price discrimination Differentiation and quality Market power and regulation Market power and its consequences Protection of market power Regulation.

From monopoly to perfect competition: Search Course unit catalogue.

Basic concepts basic micro-economic methods horizontal concentration vertical concentration Discrimination and differentiation linear price discrimination non linear price discrimination differentiation and quality Market power and interventions market power and its effects protection of market power regulation last section will be covered based on available time.


More information can be provided in faqtesina on ISA in Italian or by asking the lecturer. Home Prospective students Current students Exchange students Graduates. Getting fundamentals about theories, models and applications of Industrial Organization, with special focus on business economics topics. Teaching tools Other teaching material, including slides used during the lectures and papers will be made available to students on a weekly basis through the iol system.

Students who consider this is unclear should contact the lecturer during the two first weeks of lecture. School Campuses Programmes Departments.


My e-mail for students My e-mail for staff Close. This is so since student’s memory cabrla not relevant to pass the exam. Luis Cabral ch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 Part Two: For more information or to deny consent to all or some of the cookies used by the website, please read the information sheet. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the concept of industrial organization. Pepall et al, Organizzazione Industriale, Mc Graw Hill best advice, is sufficient for most of our lecture.

The concepts of consumer surplus, producer surplus, and allocative efficiency play a central role in any discussion regarding public policy.

Industrial Economics,,, / — School of Economics, Management, and Statistics

Concorrenza perfetta e concorrenza monopolistica Capitolo 6; sezioni 6. Search Course unit catalogue.

Perloff, McGraw-Hill iv http: Carlton e Jeffrey M. Getting fundamentals about theories, models and applications of Industrial Organization, with special focus on business economics topics including price segmentation.


Finally we analyse the role of the technology in the competition strategies. Course contents Introduction and brief resume of microeconomics studies: The course is designed to provide a broad introduction to topics and industries that current researchers are studying as well as to expose students to a wide variety of techniques.

Teaching methods Industrialee, class discussions, coursework. Game theory has led scholars of industrial economics to identify various mechanisms of strategic interaction among firms and between a firm and its consumers.

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SID – Sistema informatico dipartimentale Direzione servizi informatici e amministrazione digitale Direzione Edilizia e Telecomunicazione.

Industriaoe administration Calls and competitions Privacy policy Legal notes List of Thematic websites.

Second, we analyse perfect and imperfect competition, collusion policies and the relationship between market structure and market power. People search Structures search Rooms search Ecnoomia and event spaces search Course search.

The course integrates theoretical models and empirical studies.