The EAA Workbench. Plans for this workbench are available online at: WWW. Chapter members created the bench homebuilders can’t . Fully assembled work table. EAA Chapter Standardized Work Table Plans 1 of 4. 5/8/ I’ve heard (and seen on some builder’s sites) some of the EAA Workbenches, and I thought that would be a good first workbench. I’ll use.

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I stuck to the plans on height 33″ because I knew the casters would add a few inches. That’s the only error I found. Beer only after all the work is done for the day, that was my rule too. The time now is I hope his site doesn’t sway your decision towards the -8A. Smaller shelves ewa the SE wall and more pegboard. Note the picture on the plans doesn’t show the “lip” I’ll post some pics later Thomas. Email required Address never made public.

Andrew… found your site, workbebch started my empennage kit.

EAA Chapter 1000 Standardized Work Table Plans

I have two workbenches already, bolted together with a sheet of plywood to make one long bench with lighting, a long power strip, and drawers. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: They came out great.

Highly recommended…it really helps the temperature in the shop. FYI, my dollies with locking wheels still slide when pushed on, even if the wheels are locked. I have one that resembles it. Once I trashed the surface, I simply replaced the particle board with another piece. You may not want that large a table but the nice part of it was that I could drill into it and the particle board would hold the clecos in place.


I am sure he has the work tables somewhere on it.

I find myself wanting more work surface. It is the chapter here in my aera. Hopefully I’ll get the vise bolted down in the next few days. Hey I built two work tables using your design and your pictures. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. When hooked workbenvh to my iPhone, they are loud enough to hear through my hearing protection which I use religiously with power tools.

Keep those brown bottles to a minimum while building! Then I built the lower shelf unit using scrap worrkbench for spacing. It is to big and needs to be cut down. It seems like I saw somewhere on someone’s page an interesting way to wor,bench the legs – adjustable legs of some sort – anyone done this?

EAA workbenches –

Here is picture of the right elevator stiffeners partially drilled and clecoed to the right elevator skin. I built mine to plan structurally except that I changed some of dorkbench dimensions. Send a private message to walkman. Find all posts by Skykingbob. I will post the correct lengths tomorrow.


I have a large end T hangar with plenty of space. Then I added the 45 degree pieces under each crossmember. I’ll be interested to see them Take a look at my site to see pictures of the tables.

Workbecnh all posts by NWR. The supply line that runs to the splitter can also be disconnected and then used as a free hose for working on larger items like wings and fuselage.

Sorry, but I don’t have any details written up of my mods. Find all posts by JDBoston. I’ve been told to do this so I can clamp airplane parts to the bench more easily. What about MDF vs. It’s actually starting to look like a workbench.

April 9, at See the other post for pictures of the second eaq. Martin, I built 2 benches like this. Originally Posted by rleffler. Your tables are a lot bigger than the 24′”x60″ ones I linked in my last post. I have found a two inch overhang to be useful as well on those tables, but I agree the plans are good. October 17, at 5: