Manuals and User Guides for Kodak EasyShare DX We have 1 Kodak EasyShare DX manual available for free PDF download: User Manual. Kodak EasyShare DX Digital Camera Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information. User manual for the device Kodak EASYSHARE DX Online user manual database.

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In keeping with my standard test policy, the comments given here summarize only my key findings. The camera continues with Kodak’s very user-friendly interface and uncomplicated menu layout, and the varying levels of exposure control allow novice users to gradually step up control as they learn more about photography.

Pre-tagging For Album Names Then, all the videos you take are tagged with those album names. The DX’s LCD-based viewfinders are also much more usable under low-light conditions than those of most other cameras I’ve tested. If albums have been set up and downloaded to the camera, you can associate images with a specific album as they are recorded. To register later, fx6490 If prompted, restart the computer. All in all, an excellent choice in a long-zoom digicam, regardless of a user’s experience level.

Kodak Easy Share DX6490 User Manual

Sharing Pictures And Videos I highly recommend picking up at least a 64 megabyte card right away, given the camera’s 2, x 1,pixel maximum image size. The Kodak EasyShare DX then, comes as dx4690 surprise on many fronts, with a 4-megapixel CCD, a high-quality Schneider-Kreuznach 10x optical zoom lens with much lower than average distortion, a capable autofocus system that works down to very low light levels, and an electronic viewfinder system that likewise works very well in dim lighting.


As you record, the duration of the movie appears in a running counter on the LCD display. Below the Information button, this button lets you tag images manuap printing, emailing, or as a favorite image. Adjusts the in-camera sharpening to Sharp, Standard, or Soft. Delete pictures from the location you are copying to To check the location, either: Original Factory Settings Its rich set of features are more than mere marketing hype too, as the DX held up very well throughout my testing, delivering excellent photos under a wide range of conditions.

Docking the Camera To charge the battery or to transfer pictures and videos from the camera to the computer: To restore them, see Kodak EasyShare software Help.

Insert a card page Though for more advanced functions, it shouldn’t take more than a half an hour or so to get the gist of things. AC adapter is not connected.

Kodak EasyShare DX Digital Compact Camera Manual //

After transferring, the camera dock resumes charging as necessary. You can purchase a camera dock at a dealer of Kodak products or visit www.

Open the battery door. Have the following information available: Putting Yourself in the Video The Self Timer creates a second delay between the time you press the Shutter button and the time video recording begins.

Mxnual also an option to cancel. Take A Picture See help with the EasyShare camera dock Camera Screen Messages Sharpness is available in PASM mode only. Picture Storage Capacity 16 MB internal mabual Taking Videos Use Video mode to take videos or to customize video-taking settings.

Kodak EasyShare DX Digital Camera Manual & User Guide – Fixya

Takes you to the same setup menu as described above for the still-capture record d6490 system. Cancels a print order. The DX lets you set up albums through its interface software on a computer. The mode light blinks while the camera performs a self-check, then glows when the camera is ready to take pictures or videos.


Setting Video Length These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

Taking up the mabual side of the rear panel, this lighted dial accesses the following camera modes:. The following menu items appear whenever the Menu button is pressed in any Record mode.

Kodak EasyShare DX6490

Also on top of the camera is the pop-up flash compartment itself. Stash the file in a safe place and it’ll be there when you need it.

The picture is not displayed on the camera screen after you take it. Sets the default number of prints specified when “tagging” images.

In my testing, I’ve found the accuracy and flexibility of Kodak’s auto white balance system to be second to none. Mabual on the front of the hand grip so it’s easily accessible for your right index finger, this dial adjusts a variety of exposure settings. A Macro mode ranges from 4. Program mode keeps the camera in charge of both aperture and shutter speed, while Aperture and Shutter Priority modes let you control one exposure variable while the camera selects the other.