Dungeon issue 18 was released in July/August of It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms: A curse leads to a statue and places. Dungeon Magazine Issue #18 July/August [Barbara G. Young] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dungeon Magazine #18 – Cover Art. Image ~ April 13, March 27, ~ Christopher Smith. Advertisements.

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They come off as much more real and the encounters are more interesting to run because of it. The reality is that everyone’s feelings about particular modules varies. I like OA dungon. Be nice, put up with it and flatter it and offer it gifts and get off free. Expect the review to be a bit longer, as I elaborate more, and for me to be banned quickly for my strong opinions.

Check out my Freelance Editor link on rungeon black header bar! Some of them are extremely good, rivalling some of the published modules out there. If you can find old copies of Dungeon you should absolutely get them.

The Pit Randel S. Or a marrow adventure. Oh, and did I mention that the kobold tribe is all suicidal, as another way to gimp the party? Dropping giant centipedes on the characters heads through holes in the ceiling, for example, and similar use of dungeon pests, appeals to me, as does the use of the goblins breaking a dam to flood the party out. August 5, at 4: While walking through a marketplace the group sees a wizard sitting on a backpack.

This one has the party traveling to a cave complex of an existential nihilistic cult. In spite of a large amount of text the gnomes and their village are not really described in any meaningful way.

It seems like this goes on and on and on. Too much Cure and Sisters of Mercy, I guess. Oh, and it seems like every OA group adventures eventually involves some ancestors bones. What it does have is a lot of unique little dunheon and decent little scenarios.

  HIOKI 3803 PDF

If the characters attack him … well … he has 80 bajillion protection spells cast.

If the characters mess with the pack then the wizard reappears, accuses them of looting his pack, and curses them. The fact that they are short and space limited makes it more absurd for writers to spend time explaining reasons behind things and ways to force the players on the adventure. This is a tactical adventure, and little else.

November 8, at 4: This convoluted piece of shit adventure pulls out every dirty trick in the book to gimp the players, all to push its major conceit on them. A great statue marks the entrance, with a stone slab to be shoved aside. Players want to stamp out all uncertainty and weird mapping works against that, thus contributing to the apprehension that is so critical to setting mood. Some nice little details in those entries which help me build up an encounter around them.

Then he just disappears, leaving his pack behind.

Dungeon Magazine #18 – Cover Art

However the extensive backstory would need to be seeded in to earlier adventures to make it memorable. I just managed to locate a copy of Dungeonthe last print issue and they have a big index of all the adventures they published as well as any highlights. Or any monsters or treasures that are not just straight out of the book. Heroes must journey to Mok-Turoknin’s ancestral keep and find some way to undo an evil curse which has brought the frost giant king back from the grave.

One is a peasant woman who warns the party to danger ahead … who is actually a ghost … but not a malicious one … unless the party are jerkfaces. There have been several previous threads that have discussed this same subject.


Talk about convoluted bullshit…yech. There are five or so encounters on the way to the cursed village, but only two are really meaningful.

Dungeon Magazine #17 |

Back before you could dungfon a million maps at a touch on the internet, they were good for mining maps and ideas for your own adventures. The lake portion, along with the map provided, is completely useless, it adds noting beyond the central pretext for the adventure. The big Ah Ha! This adventure does that. December 30, at 2: This is all just stupid. I could go on at length.

January 6, at 3: This adventure has dungron party venturing in to a cursed village to win a bet. Where can you, for such little money get so many modules – especially for 1ed and 2ed? December 30, at Grant and David Boucher Description: That helps me build up an image of the scene in my ddungeon which in turn helps me communicate that to the players.

Giants cracks in the floor under which live huge rats. The designer wants to run a low-level dungeon crawl for high level parties so he has to put in all this gimp shit to force things to happen the way he wants them to. The party is sent in to deal with the puny goblins.

Many of the early adventures by Grant and David Boucher authors of “From the Ashes” were excellent and well-worth tracking magaziine I tossed in some other early favorites too: I understand your issue with railroading the adventurers, however, these are only short adventures, designed for the magazine.