Wazaiful Abrar – Imam `Ali ibn al-Husain Sayyid as-Sajjidin (prayers be upon him ) related from his father from his grandfather the Prophet of Allah (blessings of. Benefits of each of the sections of. Jawshan Kabeer. No. Benefit. No. Benefit. No. Benefit. 1. To overcome difficulties. To ask for more benefits. To build up. Reflections on Dua Jawshan Kabir. Mohammad Ali Shomali. International Institute for Islamic Studies, Qom, Iran Spiritual Quest Summer and Autumn Vol.

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O He Who rescues the drowning. Save us from the Fire! Information Seller Syed Mohsin Raza. O Master of argument and proof. O He, Who is the Creator of all things. O He, Who stands between man and his heart.

O He, Whose attributes do not alter. O He, Who honours us with His jawsgan. O Greatest of those to whom thanks are due. O He, Whose sovereignty alone of eternal.

O Giver of Aid to he who seeks His aid. O Charitable One, O Benefactor. O our Friend, O our Physician.


Jawshan Kabir

O Forgiver, O Concealer [of defects]. O Gracious and Magnanimous. Allah is indeed all-bounteous, all-knowing.

O Preventer, O Opener. O Breaker, O Combiner. O He Who receives to life and is not brought to life. Muhaddith Nuri, Husayn b. O Greatest in His grandeur. O He, Who befriended me and sheltered me. O He, Who is the best forgiver. O Who rubs out vices. O Master of peace and security.

For such a person, God will also appoint two Angels to protect him from all evils in this world. O He, Who is the Successor of all things. O He Who is never cruel to his subjects.

Reflections on Dua Jawshan Kabir

O He, Who originated Creation which then returns to Him. O He Who is exalted in His greatness. O He, Who holds decision duz judgement. O Comforter of every griever. O He Who saves the distressed.

According to the book of Urwath al-Wutha of Mohammed Jawzhan Yazdiwriting Dua Jawshan Kabir as well as writing the whole of Quran and Du’a Jawshan Saqeer on the shroud is deemed as a Mustahab practice; [6] it has also been mentioned through Husayn ibn Ali that it is permissible to write Jawshan Kabir and Jawshan Saqeer on the shroud, but, in order not to be Najisit is better not to write on the parallel or lower of Awrah.


O Best of listeners. O He, Who holds all abundance and provides. O Bestower of strength, O Acceptor of repentance. O He before Whose power everything submits.

O Noblest Friend who is known. O He, Who has made hell an ambush, barking for sinners.

Dua Joshn Kabir Alt

O Merciful to every sufferer. O He, towards Whom is the return of every matter. O Joiner of broken bones.

O He, Who loves the virtuous. Allah draws parables for mankind, and Allah has knowledge of all things. And by the light of Your face which illuminates everything.