Source from the Dream Girls script © Tom Eyen and John F. Breglio and an out of town tryout in Boston, Dreamgirls came to Broadway in and was. Read the Dreamgirls full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Movie Scripts > Dreamgirls () .. It’s strictly pay-for-play with those boys. That takes . Dreamgirls Script (Message Board) Having seen the original Broadway production countless of times (including the original version BEFORE.

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Broadway Musical Home – Dreamgirls

Heavy, heavy You got so heavy, baby Heavy, heavy You got so heavy on me – Where do you think you’re going? You don’t want to take up too dreambirls of the man’s time. Where do you think you’re going? You don’t need me. Some doubling was employed in the minor parts. It’s called Steppin’ to the Bad Side. Hey, man, I got soul!

This is what you’ve musicla asking for. Come on, let’s go home. Privately, however, relationships among members of the group continue to deteriorate.

Dreamgirls – Script

He could even do American Bandstand. Curtis muxical always be here for you. Do you cheat on your wife, like Mr Jimmy Early? Think about all the beautiful black women that ain’t even born yet. I’m just saying, you might do better if you were just a little more, you know Hey, hey, hey, don’t go out there!


Listen, I’m not living without you. We can’t do nothing about that. Where’s our dressing room?

Dreamgirls Script

Maybe I’m just tired. Everybody doing my shit. There’s plenty other ladies out there. I Meant You No Harm. Go wait in the car, Musifal.

Deena, you know why I chose you to sing lead? I know dreammgirls are releasing the movie version, but does anyone know where I could find the original??? Now, you watch your mouth Watch your mouth, Miss Effie White ‘Cause I don’t take that talk from no second-rate diva who can’t sustain I’m not feeling well, I’ve got pain Effie, we all got pain!

You remember that burgundy jacket I had with the bolt dreammgirls on the back? Anybody got some secretarial experience? We have a bigger problem on our hands. I hear Curtis is still trying to get that crazy black Cleopatra made. We’re on the radio, Curtis!

I mean, this dress does nothing for my body. All you care about is her bony ass! It’s New Year’s Eve.

Jimmy’s fans like taking the bus. Tell me, what have I done? Toggle navigation Broadway Musical Home. I turn my back and find myself out on the line You could have warned me But that would have been too kind I’ve been warning you for months to clean up your act.


The body was found at the Tropicana Hotel in Hollywood. And now, the mellow sounds of Jimmy Early.

We look on with shock and dismay at the images we’re bringing you tonight. That’s why I didn’t want to bother him with our meeting today.

Dreamgirls Script 6 Posted: Are you ready for the Thunder Man? Let me have your child. Marty, you’re full of shit, man. Mjsical faint used to kill ’em. Do you think it’s right to promote an amateur performer over a professional?

Oh, God, I’m so nervous. Well, give the crazy man a message from me.

Dreamgirls (2006) Movie Script

I know I should have talked to you. Let Deena do all the work for a change. You stopped me once, but you’ll never stop me again. Come on, you’re just a baby, Lorrell.