Oswald Arnold Gottfried Spengler was a German historian and philosopher of history whose interests included mathematics, science, and art. He is best known . Oswald Spengler. DECLINUL OCCIDENTULUI. Schiţă de morfologie a istoriei rima parte! O#$% &I #E’LIT’TE refaţa trad(cător(l(i france) refaţa. Oswald Spengler Declinul Occidentului/The Decline of the West. Report. Post on Jun Views. Category.

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He owned no books, and took jobs as a tutor or wrote for magazines to earn additional income. Contribuii la o filosofie a vieii, ; Scrieri politice, Leben und Werk – Homepage von Joachim?


He especially pointed to the tendency of Western technology to spread to hostile “Colored races” which would then use the weapons against the West. BlankenburgDuchy of BrunswickGerman Empire.

Max Weber described Spengler as a “very ingenious and learned dilettante”, while Karl Popper called the thesis “pointless”. After his father’s death in Spengler attended several universities MunichBerlinand Halle as a private scholar, taking courses in a wide range of subjects.

When The Decline of the West was published in the summer ofit was a wild success. Here he received a classical education at the local Gymnasium academically oriented secondary schoolstudying Greek, Latin, mathematics and sciences.

Kennan Henry Kissinger H. Ich beneide jeden, der lebt [ I envy anyone who lives ] in German.


In the spring of shortly before his deathhe prophetically remarked in a letter to Reichsleiter Hans Frank that “in ten years, the German Reich will probably no longer exist” ” da ja wohl in zehn Jahren ein Deutsches Reich nicht mehr existieren wird!

She was the least talented member of the Grantzow family. Here, too, he developed his propensity for the arts—especially poetry, drama, and music—and came under the influence of the ideas of Goethe and Nietzsche:.

Oswald Spengler Declinul Occidentului

In Spengler suffered a nervous breakdown. However, Spengler did become a member of the German Academy in the course of the year.

Stuart 1 January The critic and aesthete Count Harry Kessler thought him unoriginal and rather inane, especially in regard to his opinion on Nietzsche. In his private papers, Spengler denounced Nazi anti-Semitism in even stronger terms, writing “and how much envy of the capability of other people in view of one’s lack of it lies hidden in anti-Semitism!

Due to a congenital heart problem, Spengler was not called up for military service. Oswald Spengler – Selected Essays Declinull.

Oswald Spengler Declinul Occidentului

Retrieved from ” https: The review recommended the book for “readers who enjoy vigorous writing”, who “will be glad to be rubbed the wrong way by Spengler’s harsh aphorisms” and his pessimistic predictions. Retrieved 9 August A fost filosof i istoric german, autor de lucrri tiinifice i eseuri n matematic, tiinele naturii i arte plastice.

I feel urged to name once more those to whom I owe practically everything: Potrivit lui Spengler, conceptul de istorie universal ar constitui o exagerare, rezultatul organizrii nemsurate a istoricilor occidentali.


Oswald was born ten months after his brother’s death. Oswald Spengler and The Decline of the West.

Spengler i menioneaz adesea pe Hegel, Goethe, si Nietzsche numind astfel trei dintre cei mai creativi scriitori germani dar i pe alii ca i predecesori sau ca surse de influen intelectual, desi intre cei trei sunt diferente de gandire enorme. He further rejected offers from Joseph Goebbels to give public speeches.

Oswald Spengler Declinul Occidentului – Documents

Oswald spengler pdf download – nbsp; oswald spengler propast zapada pdf Mit Oswald Spengler Berlin: Academics gave it a mixed reception. Spengler’s obscurity, intuitionalism, and mysticism were easy targets, especially for the Positivists and neo-Kantians who rejected the possibility that there was meaning in world history.

Arta faustic occidental parcurge, din punct de vedere organic, aceeasi evoluie ca i celelalte arte. Fr ndoiala Oswald Spengler este unul dintre cei mai mari i mai profunzi gnditori conservatori ai secolului XX. Spengler’s criticisms of liberalism [17] were welcomed by the Nazis, but Spengler disagreed with their biological ideology and anti-Semitism.