Deathstalker Rebellion is the second book in Simon R. Green’s Deathstalker saga, preceded by Deathstalker and followed by Deathstalker War. For those who. Owen Deathstalker – outlawed, with a price on his head and the blood of a mighty warrior lineage in his veins – had no choice but to embrace a dangerous. Listen to Deathstalker Rebellion: Being the Second Part of the Life and Times of Owen Deathstalker Audiobook by Simon R. Green, narrated by Gildart Jackson.

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Valentine Wolfe, is of course, as wonderfully entertaining as ever – even more so, if that is possible. Other then that, ddeathstalker story was entertaining, the characters interesting if not a bit fragmented in this 2nd of the seriesand I recommend it to those who like action sci-fi. Despite all deathstalmer griping, the book does have its moments.

I kept stopping and deathztalker just to keep the storyline going. It just keeps droning, on, and on, and on, and on Deathstalker Rebellion is a weird bastard of a book, filled with contradictions i And that was when the roof fell in.

It is an action packed space opera that feels a bit like a cross between Star Wars and Game of Thrones.

Deathstalker Rebellion: Being the Second Part of the Life and Times of Owen Deathstalker

Apr 11, Tressa rated it it was ok Shelves: Jul 19, Alicia Sandoval rated it it was amazing. Feb 02, Eric Allen rated it really liked it. Aug 01, Gavin rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 30, smjbab rated it did not like it.


Most of the characters didn’t feel like stock characters that dfathstalker be replaced in another series, renamed, and never noticed to be anything different. He’s great with characters, dialog, humor, and story, but when it comes to writing it all out, he does fall a little short.

Once again, if you are anything deaathstalker me, this book will, at times, have you crying, laughing, your heart pounding, aching with sympathy or at times burning with hatred. It’s a death sentence really. An amusing diversion; there are some particularly wacky bits in this one. Here’s a really barebones review of this book if anyone cares.

Deathstalker Rebellion (Deathstalker, book 2) by Simon R Green

Excellent continuation of the story. Anyway, I’ll be back with a brand new Retrospective series that is Editor approved deathsatlker time within the next couple of weeks. This series is like crack; seriously addicting! I didn’t realize this while listening to book 2, but in book 3 its more obvious.

It is painful to deathstallker “old Jack” start to come into his own, only to be cut down by this new golden version of himself. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. There’s the tenuous situation of Adrienne Campbell, along with the unhappy Finlay and Evangeline.

This is my first one star review. Didn’t like this one as much as the first.

Deathstalker Rebellion (Deathstalker, #2) by Simon R. Green

No trivia or quizzes yet. Perhaps my favourite new characters that are introduced in this book are Toby Shreck – Gregor Shrecks nephew, and PR flack for Clan Deathstalkeer before he was, well, kind of fired. Enjoyable story, if you enjoyed the first, this will satisfy. Believe me, this is the perfect space opera you where looking for. Her struggle and the sadness of her situation moved me to tears. The blurb indicates the fight heads to Golgotha, the home planet for the Empire and Lionstone.


Oh, so a character has suddenly manifested superhuman powers, conveniently suited to the situation at hand?

I was disappointed as I really liked the narration. I did like this book. As usual, Green’s unusual but wonderful, funny, bantering way of writing is amazing and always fun. Some of the good points are, again, the humor.

Quotes from Deathstalker Rebe Technos is where the new stardrive is being built and everyone wants it. And so I keep deathstakler, eager to know what will happen next!

Deathstalker Rebellion

A big meeting is held with our group of rebels, along with the Golgatha Underground and a few others. The bit with the derelict ship Champion showed real promise.

Hell, you people aren’t on anybody’s guest list.