Vishnu sahasranama (sanskrit) (pdf, 79kb). Vishnu Sahasranama . Om > Deities > Dattatreya > names of Dattatreya (decl). names of Dattatreya ( decl). dattatreya related Sanskrit Documents in IAST script, available in various Indian dakārādi śrī dattasahasranāmastotram | dakArAdi shrI datta sahasranAma. Sri Dattatreya Sahasranama Stotram & Namavali: Buy Sri Dattatreya Sahasranama Stotram & Namavali online –

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The Brahmin was pleased at the account and went home to pass his life in the way shown by Dattatreya. The Sanskrit text of this Kavacha is available in sanskritdocuments. Caturvargacintamanl of Hemadri, Vol. The deity is standing with two of his four hands resting on the heads of a pair of miniature chowrie-carriers. On Guru Shirdi Sai. It is the obvious and inevitable instinct, yet it need not necessarily be so.

The two great gods thereupon submit to its greatness and become the acolytes of the Fiery Pillar. It states, “The Supreme Brahman performed penance which was of the nature datttatreya knowledge jnyanasabasranamam desiring to become many, assumed the form of Dattatreya. There is another interesting thing that we find in the accounts of Dattatreya. The Vedas worship the Sun, Surya, as the source of light for the entire world. His Life and Works Puranas and Tantras It is only in the Puranas that we come across for the first time the full-fledged story about the origin of Dattatreya.

The auspicious symbol, Srivatsalanchana, adorns his breast. Lower right hand in Abhayahasta, upper right hand with Pasa, upper left hand with Trisula, lower left hand with Kamandalu.

My answer would be “His Guru and so on dattatrwya so forth till it reaches the Paramam vyomanaadi Guru”.

Dattatreya Sahasranamam

Dhirubhai Joshi approached us and mentioned that Nareshwar Ashram also has the facility to print Sabasranamam literature. One can have many guides but Guru is eka One. Procedures of this Vrata are described in easy manner for the devotees to perform themselves. The intelligent one should know and test for himself and seek refuge in the one who is established in Self-Knowledge. If Shiva is angry, the Guru saves you; but if the Guru is angry, even Shiva cannot save you.


Bhattacharya raises a point that the allegorical meaning of the Trimurti has been, in many cases only touched but not clearly worked out. Farquhar which also suggests the same thing.

There is only one moon, no matter how many names its different phases receive. Narayana Maharaja yance Caritra, G. The leograph is supported by Makara heads over which are figures of Brahma to the proper right and Siva to the left each accompanied by a female attendant. However, it is worth consideration that all the prominent gods are invoked at a time in such an early period of Sudraka.

First to get a good guru one must have a pure mind and be intensely virtuous, the raise above body-consciousness. The second manner in which Dattatreya is sculptured is Visnu in the Yoga posture, and his triple nature is indicated by the Lanchanas, the characteristic emblems viz.

At the same time Mr. The Couple that destroys these types of sins are Anagha Swami and Anagha Devi, who protect the people in the world. The thesis “Dattatreya Worship in India” by Dr.

Maharastra Sarasvata, 4th edition, Poona Vidyapitha, How can it be explained? Dheena natha, dheena dhayala, Dhenodhara thava saranam, Thapo murthe thava saranam, Thejo rasi thava saranam. Vogel was informed that it was Laksmi but it is more probably Bhumi Devi as we have seen above.

The first is to show the importance of a chaste woman and the second is to show the bad result of jealousy. Apart from this to avoid suffering due to destiny as well as to make spiritual progress one should do maximum amount of chanting of the Name of the family deity.

You will be born again to give back that insult to that person again. In this fight Alarka was defeated with the help of the king of Banaras and with the Yogic powers which he possessed. Moreover, it takes note of the combination of all the three principal deities with the Sun: Two of his hands are to be held in the Varada and Abhaya poses while the remaining four ones should keep the Sula, Parasu, Vajra and Khadga.


For example Tantraraja Tantra states that the Siddha should never drink wine unless it has first been offered as Arghya to Devi who is worshipped.

But the question of Dhyana Mantra is a different one, in the sense that it is supposed to put Dhyanas in a stereotyped way. The third way which is evidently a more modern way, in which Dattatreya is represented as a human being with three heads and four arms and attended by four dogs of different colours, said to represent the four Vedas, and also by a bull.

One story tells that Narada poisoned the minds of Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Parvathy and told them that Anasuya is much greater than them.

Sandyapuriji Maharaja Sankalia, H. The side heads of this Trimurti are those of lionine and porcine. It is worth remembering that these two – wine and woman – have always remained as symbols and the followers of this school have never taken the liberty of using them in their literal sense.

Dattatreya Sotras

It is seated on Garuda with legs crossed in front, below which are shown small figures of a Hamsa and a lion dattatreyaa a tiger. First there is the literal meaning intended for the householder or worldly man, and a guide to better thought and action.

The head and the four arms with attributes are broken. But the most attractive and rational version of the story is found in his lecture on the worship of Dattatreya at Navapur, in Khandesh.

Patil 51 remarks that the HV seems to have known the doctrine of trinity. The third eye is very clearly marked on the forehead of the central face.

MarP informs us that the day when Arjuna got the boons from Dattatreya was celebrated every year with the performance of Dattatreya sacrifice Dattatreyasya Yagam. II 3 2 ERE. The religions of India, Vol.