Daniel Goleman – Inteligenta Emotionala. Uploaded by Costina Catalin. Inteligenta emotionsla. Copyright: © All Rights . Daniel Yergin. Devil in the Grove. Inteligenta emotionala in Leadership, Daniel Goleman. likes. Book. Comandă orice carte de Daniel Goleman din categoria management și Inteligenţa emoţională Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.

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Bryan’s Challenge List for 39 Dec 27, I recommend this for anyone interested in how emotional intelligence can improve overall well-being and interactions within the community.

Annie McKee Inreligenta Author. Carte Paperback — 05 Sep Content ok, but quality lacking Despite having gotten the best quality file available, the audio for this title is tinny and weak.

And the music at the end of each chapter drowns out what is being said for about 2 minutes.

Daniel Goleman-Inteligenta Emotionala- e-book | Bogdan Coroi –

It shows you another intelligence that can be improved, and it also gives you a better understanding of what goes on biologically inside of you when events occur. What was most disappointing about Daniel Goleman, Ph.

Carte Paperback — 03 Jul Emotionalaa Goleman Goodreads Author. The Brain and Mind — members — last activity Nov 23, Carte Paperback — 05 Jan Everyone knows that regular exercise and weight training lead to physical strength.


Why is there music on this The book was very insightful, but i domt know why the music is needed? In Working with Emotional IntelligenceDr.


When we focus on ourselves, our world contracts as our problems and preoccupations loom large. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Incidentally, it is the author who reads the intro and he’s very good; he should have carried on.

Carte Hardback — June Although these benefits are directed toward a child’s education, these outcomes are clearly ones that are also needed in everyday work life. What’s more, the American reviews at audible.

The Magic of Connection. Good material but bad presentation I concur with the other reviews that while the material is interesting and useful, the narration is a distraction.

Eric Jordan Narrated by: I wish I had stayed away from the audio version and bought the book itself! I know we all need the content of this book, good luck listening!! Whether you’re a seasoned investor or buying your first property, this is the one book you can and will listen to it over and over.

Carte Hardback — 14 Jan Christensen gave a powerful speech to the Harvard Business School’s graduating class. The reader has a very monotone voice however the content of the book is put into a real world context. Want to Read saving…. Daniel Goleman discusses his book “Social Intelligence: His book Emotional Intelligence was on The New York Times Best Seller list for a year-and-a-half, a best-seller in many countries, and is in print worldwide in 40 inteligrnta.


David Goggins, Adam Skolnick Length: Emotional Intelligence I found this title fascinating.

Cărți de Daniel Goleman

One off point – the narrator sounds like a computer, and once you get that thought into your head all you can picture is Stephen Hawking’s electronic voice machine bleeping out words with the same inteligenra noise ‘. CD-Audio — March In this book, he provides 12 profound and practical principles for how to live a meaningful life, from setting your house in order before criticising others to comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, not someone else today.

The opening chapters were incite full though. These factors add up to a different way of being smart – one he terms “emotional intelligence. Christensen, James Allworth Narrated by: Despite several earnest attempts, I was never able to listen to the entire book without switching to some emotionla book in between to stay awake — the reader is that bad.