denumirea temelor de cercetare: tehnologii de cultivare a legumelor, analize statistice. şparanghelului, a hreanului şi a ciupercilor Pleurotus. Membru în. spectres: Pleurotus ostreatus, Pleurotus florida, Pleurotus The Culture Plots for Pleurotus Mushrooms Horgoş A. Cultura ciupercilor de consum, Editura. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cap Cultura ciupercilor Agaricus ( Sampionion) Cap Cultura ciupercilor Pleurotus (Bureti) Cap Ciuperci din flora.

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Liofilizarea biomasei in diferite medii crioprotectoare.

Tolaasins are involved in the pathogen virulence causing membranes lysis through biosurfactant activity and transmembrane ion channel formation for which a barrel-stave mechanism has been proposed.

Ewingella americana is responsible for the internal stipe necrosis of A. A comparative evaluation of Tol I and WLIP on blood red cell and lipid vesicles showed that both LDPs were able to damage biological membranes through the formation of transmembrane pores, but some interesting differences were apparent. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta Tolaasins A, B, and E resulted less active, with a minimal inhibitory quantity of 1. Barley Hordeum vulgare L.

Biological properties and spectrum of activity of tolaasin, a lipodepsipeptide toxin produced by the cultkvarea pathogen Pseudomonas tolaasii.


Se va stabili acea formula de mediu optim pentru cultivare, precum si parametrii ideali de fermentatie la nivel de bioreactor. Pseudomonas tolaasii volatile substances.

Descriere proiect

Determinarea efectului biomasei liofilizate si a extractelor in conditiile simularii tractului alimentar uman in vitro. In general the virulence was lower ciupdrcilor compared to the one cultivarew by P. These tolaasin analogs showed chemical modifications in the fatty acid residue or in the lactone macrocycle. Assays of the two LDPs on blocks of A.

This evaluation is supported by the fact that bacteria with the feature of P. A bacterial disease of cultivated mushrooms. Pleurotus eous – ijapbc.

New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research Biology of Pseudomonas tolaasii, cause of brown blotch disease of the cultivated mushroom. Methods for the diagnosis of bacterial diseases of plants. Most widely held works about Nicolae Mateescu. Of interest is the evaluation of the role of volatile substances produced by strains of P. Other fluorescent pseudomonads obtained in the same isolation plates beside P.

In fact, it was demonstrated that virulent strains of P. Of interest is the definitive characterization of P.


The general and the specific objectives of the project are: Identificarea si caracterizarea tulpinilor aflate in colectia facultatii. Further biochemical, nutritional and genetic characterization of a collection of P. Also the yellowing of the king oyster mushroom cardoncelloa mushroom whose cultivation was initially limited to some regions of southern Italy but nowadays cultivated worldwide, was reported to be caused by Ciupercjlor.

These results indicate that P.

The conformation of WLIP changed slightly when it passed from the buffer solution to the lipid environment. Evidentierea efectului antimicrobian al extractului din Pleurotus ostreatus.

Arta Cultivarii Ciupercilor

Pseudomonas syringae pathovars and related pathogens. Stabilirea compozitiei mediilor de cultura pentru cultivarea ciupercii la nivel de laborator si bioreactor. Ciipercilor Environ Microbiol Intercept Limited, Ponteland, Newcaslte upon Tyne, pp. Pleurotus ostreatus, an edible mushroom Antioxidant activity of the oyster mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus, on CCl4-induced liver injury in rats.